Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My One Word: Unbound

Over the past few Januaries some of my favorite friends and writers have chosen one word as a theme for the new year and kept it close through all of the seasons and changes and surprises and events that followed. I've watched as their words and the powerful, personal meanings behind them have served as guiding lights to their paths, clear lenses for their perspectives, even shelters in their storms, and been inspired and touched by how these simple verbal reminders provide focus that breeds lovely, deep examination in their minds, hearts and lives. And positive change -- sometimes subtle, sometimes quite revolutionary. Oh, I'd like to have some of that in 2013, wouldn't you?

So over the past month, I've pondered my own mind and heart and history to see if I could find a common theme, a unifying concept I could apply over my whole life, that would provide that guiding light and fresh lens and bring me up... up to a place of new growth, and give me the strength, love and joy and freedom to make 2013 the best year yet for me and my family. And after so much thinking and talking it over (to death!) with Al and a few close friends, I think I've got it.

My word for 2013 is UNBOUND.

When I sat back and really looked at where I am emotionally right now, I figured out that as happy and peaceful as I already feel, I could take those feelings (and the beauty and freedom they bring to me in all of my roles and relationships) to a much higher level if I found a way to shake off the weight of the cold, hard emotional stones I tend to drag around with me. Looking back over my recent past, I'm able to see that these burdens and the extra energy I use holding onto and tending to them wearies and distracts me from full connection with the present joy and beauty and purpose of these precious days and the people in them.

This year, my focus will be on releasing my heart from old resentment and anger and pain, freeing my mind from caring so much about the actions and opinions of other people, loosening the bindings of stress and anxiety over Things That Must Be Done, unshackling myself from nagging guilt over situations I can't change, breaking away from fear of failure and rejection and just living the life before me, free to love and care for the people around me as a soaring, unbound me. It's a lofty goal, but so worthwhile.

What about you? Have you chosen a word for the year? Share it with me in the comments, and if you've written a post about your word, leave a link so I can come read what you're focused on this year.

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  1. YES! The perfect description for the perfect word. I'm excited to see how this plays out for you. Sending you all my love.

  2. What a great word! How freeing to live completely unbound. Good for you. Best wishes as you journey through 2013.

    My word is Better, and here's why...


  3. I love, love, love this word for you. Even just seeing how it has freed you in the last couple of weeks of puzzling out what your word would be this year. Excited to see how it plays out in the coming months!

  4. Can't wait to watch you fling yourself unfettered and unbound into the world. :-) It's gonna be good.

  5. Great word! I love how you've thought this through and come to this one word. Lovely.

  6. YES!!! Yes, yes, yes. I am so glad that this is the word you are going with for the year. It seems like perfect timing. I cannot wait to see how this unfolds in your life in real-life application. Good stuff, sweet friend!