Friday, November 2, 2012

Style Crush Friday: Warm Winter White

I remember that even as a fairly young girl of eleven or twelve, I used to lie awake on my bed at night with my eyes closed and dream up dates for my teenaged self, that I'd go on with whichever boy was en vogue at the time (please tell me that no boys at all, will be in any way en vogue when Bean is eleven or twelve. SIGH.)  Once I had the activity completely imagined in endless, perfect detail, I'd go on to style myself and my handsome companion in my mind.

I think I always believed that once I got done dressing myself and my current crush for, say, our imaginary ride in a sleigh pulled by twin white horses over a hilly snow-covered acre in the woods, I'd move on to develop a plot and some dialogue between us. But let's be real, I couldn't confidently handle real plot or dialogue with a real boy very well until oh, about last year, so it's probably a good thing I could never get past meticulously selecting handbags and bow ties and lap robes and bell-covered horse collars.  No need to inject awkward adolescent silence into an otherwise perfect date, right?

Ironically, in this season of having young kids and a very choosy eye for babysitters who insist on growing up and getting on with their own lives, Al and I don't get out much these days, so I'm largely back to imaginary dates again. I know, POOR ME.

We're going down to the city this weekend for dinner and nightcaps and an overnight stay at a boutique hotel on Michigan Avenue -- well, at least in my mind we are. And I'm wearing a sweater and lace skirt of winter white, which is trending now, with pops of gorgeous berry on my nails, lips and feet.

They have horse drawn carriages downtown, too.  Maybe we'll take a clopping ride around the park under the sparkling lights of the city, out in the cold night air, holding hands and snuggling under a white faux fur lap robe.


You know what?  Who needs dialogue?

warm winter white

White House Black Market red pumps


I've styled pretty red shoes by White House Black Market and an adorable polka dot clutch from J. Crew. Both of them feature affiliate links through RewardStyle.

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  1. Replies
    1. It totally is. This would be so great all the way through the holidays and even into Valentine's Day, hmmm?

  2. Please never stop sharing your beautiful, story-filled commentary on style choices. SO DREAMY.

    My complexion is such that I just cannot wear bright white very well. Winter white is a far better choice, but it can be so tricky to style. Thank you for these ideas! So, so warm and cozy.