Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday - Le French FriedOkra

I took some of my own style advice while dressing for my day today.

Over at Simple Design, I'm telling you how you can add French style to any wardrobe. I'm practicing a bit of what I preach in the outfit I wore today to take the kids out on our annual treck to the muddy, windy pumpkin patch.

OOTD Wednesday -- Chilly, windy morning at the pumpkin patch with the kids.

Here I've taken basic jeans and a white tee and added a simple grey ruffled 100% wool sweater from Talbot's (last year) and the eye-catching pop of a red pashmina. My unexpected (and in this case very practical) element is the fun, funky addition of grey Chuck Taylors. I'm not sure the French would approve of the tatters on my jeans, but hopefully they'd be so busy nodding approval at my natural make-up and vibrant red lip they wouldn't notice.

As we slowly thumped and bumped and jostled out to the far pumpkin field on Tom the farmer's farm in a wooden wagon pulled by faded old tractor, the wind gusted up strong to tug at the ends of my vivid red scarf. Just at the right moment the sun found a space between the clouds and hastily shown its proud rays down on my upturned face. In that moment I could feel myself light up to glow back in response, suddenly so beautiful and alive, my red scarf blown out beside me, my bright, elegant crimson lips parted in a surprised, delighted laugh.

And I think that perfect instant captures the essence of the French attitude for me. Effortless, natural and drenched in the moment, reveling in life's simple, classic treasures like sun and wind and the pure, sometimes spontaneous joy of personhood.

I'm linking up today at Dear AbbyLeigh's Dress for the Day and What I Wore Wednesday.

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  1. Such a cute outfit and I love your story.

  2. i love your french kick and the way it's digging deep into your being. you are lovely and i'm so glad you joined us today!

  3. You are effortlessly beautiful...and I's jealous. ; )

  4. ADORE. The unexpected element is one of my "rules" too. ;) So gorgeous, darling. Love this!

  5. I love the unexpected. And yes - I am sure God smiled down on you in that sun-drenched moment, as you reveled in the joy of a red scarf and red lips and the gifts He's given.

    (I have no Chucks. I think I need some. Yes?)