Thursday, October 18, 2012

October Fanfare

Wrapped in rich, thick amber-colored flannel sheets, I curled against Al this morning as we untangled from sleep. A grey, misty day dawned faint and humble. Through a tiny sliver-opening in our bedroom window, I heard Canadian geese honking, calling one another into crisper formation overhead.  This sweet October fanfare always brings me home to my once-royal self no matter where else I am.

I am a girl of twenty-one and October’s rhythms have slowed now to beat out steady and calm after the fast-pattering adjustment phase of the first month of my junior year at Furman. An early class, probably Shakespeare or grammar, drags me from my secret apartment above the dining hall and it feels like privilege that I awake daily to the warm, holiday smell of bacon frying. I’ll carry that scent into class in my hair and like it, because each time I move I’ll get a whiff of the aroma of being someone very special.

I live in warmest laughter and closeness with my seven best heart-friends. In our hidden apartment, the only three-bedroom palace of its kind, set high above a tiny nation of dorm-dwellers, we have our own washer and dryer and kitchen and living room. And I have a boyfriend - a boy who tells me he loves me so round-eyed earnestly that I have no choice but to believe him. My life overflows with the best kinds of love; regal air floats around me, thick with honors reserved for the luckiest few.

After class I thump down cool cement steps out into fresh, wet air, the first fallen leaves slick and pungent underfoot, and make my way across campus, my purple backpack slung over one shoulder, to find coffee and breakfast. I descend the red-carpeted ramp down into the loud rumble of cafeteria, looking out at faces upturned to watch me down. I slow my pace to enjoy the flattery of gazes. Through the doors open to catch the fresh breeze off the lake, I hear trumpeting geese, a fanfare for my arrival.

I was once October’s princess.

At home in my room, warm against my husband who loves me earnestly and bravely and presently, I hear the trumpeting fanfare of geese blow in once more on the cool morning breeze. This life too, I realize, overflows with the best kinds of love and all the honors reserved for the lucky few. Suddenly, I’m royalty again.

Today, I'm October’s queen.
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  1. Oh, wow...this is so so so beautiful! I'm dipping into a curtsy at your mad skills!

  2. Replies
    1. I want to read this RIGHT before I fall asleep at night. It's SILKEN, somehow. I need need neeeeed you to write a book at some point in your life. I will need several copies, because one copy would become worn and tattered way too quickly! The fact that these silken words are all about YOU makes it just too delicious and wonderful! :)

  3. That wasn't meant to be a reply to Diana! :/

  4. No one writes like you. :)

    And I totally get this. Fall has a way of throwing glory upon glory. Or maybe it opens our eyes to what's already there.