Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cozy, Collegiate Weekend Style

The temperature fell like a stone yesterday afternoon. I looked as Peabody and I walked out the door at four to go meet Bean at the bus stop and the thermometer read 73°. An hour and half later, I looked again as I headed into the kitchen to put dinner in the oven and whabam! Twenty degree drop.

I believe we're in for some cozy this weekend, and not a moment too soon, because I have now completely exhausted all of my ideas for dressing Octoberish in Aprilish weather. Our high tomorrow will be 50°.   I'll want to stay home in my jammies by the fire, but inevitably the family will demand a junket of some sort, so I'm dreaming up outfits that will make me feel like I'm fireside even though I'll actually be out in the howling wind traipsing around (under protest) after my adventure-seeking husband and children.

Now I do not currently own this gorgeous blazer from L.L. Bean, but I believe that after Santa drops his bounty down my chimney in December, I shall.  I love a tweed blazer. Put one on with black pants like I've shown here, or a corduroy pant, or a pencil skirt, or heck, put one on over a pair of your granddad's old overalls, and no matter what, you suddenly become all collegiate and brilliant. I'm pretty sure putting on a tweed blazer like this one would immediately raise my IQ by like 300 points.

Yep, so if you see me wearing herringbone, avoid starting a debate.  Actually, if you see me at all, don't start a debate.  I hate debates.

cozy weekend style

Happy Weekend, y'all.
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  1. Great watch! Love all the Friday Fashion Fun.


  2. COZEEEEEEEE! Cold air hit us hard yesterday, too. Time to bundle up!

  3. Do you mean to tell me that I need to wear shoes with color, too??? Oh, is SO HARD.

  4. I like this!! I will probably be wearing rain gear tomorrow but this would be great in November!