Monday, September 10, 2012

The Parent 'Hood, Week One


Yay! Welcome to The Parent 'Hood's inaugural week!  I'm so excited to get started with this weekly synchroblog that I'll be hosting each Monday.  We've created The Parent 'Hood to be a place where bloggers who write about parenting can share their work, meet other writer/parents and hopefully make new friends and build a fun community.

How does The Parent 'Hood work? It's simple. You write a post, any post, about anything at all - your reflections, stories, tips, lists, photos, questions, musings, whatever - on the subject of parenting. Each Monday and for the rest of that week, you link your post to The Parent 'Hood here at FriedOkra, Vita Familiae, To Think is To Create, Joy in this Journey, Love Well, O My Family or Lovefeast Table. No matter which blog you use for to link your post, it will show on all of these blogs (thus lots of exposure), for all readers and participants to see.

After that, you just hit the 'hood and read posts shared by other parents, comment on them, get to know new friends, and enjoy making connections with other Moms and Dads.

A few quick details about being part of The Parent 'Hood:

  1. Each link-up will run from Monday morning through the following Sunday. A new link-up will start on the next Monday morning. You may link posts written any time, but my hope is that at least for me, this will inspire me to keep writing new things about my kids and my life as a Mom at least once a week. (It's not always easy, is it?)
  2. You will want to link the URL of your specific parenting post, not the homepage of your blog. Otherwise your parenting post will get buried under new content on your homepage and be hard to find when readers click through on your link later in the week.
  3. We really hope this link-up provides you not only with a place to share your own posts, but also the opportunity to read and comment on other blogs. Any good 'hood is all about community, right? Read, comment and enjoy as you have time!

Since we're just getting started this week, we invite you to share a favorite post you've written about parenting or kids no matter when it was written. Next Monday, we'll challenge you to share something new you've written, so get ready!

Oh, and hey! I promise that next week I'm going to actually include a parenting post of my own! I just don't want this post to get so long that you give up reading before you get to the link-up tool.

Ready, set, link-up! I'm really looking forward to meeting you (those of you I don't know already!) and seeing what you're writing and sharing about one of my very favorite subjects.


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  1. Excited for your new project! Can't wait to read all the wonderful posts :)

  2. This is awesome! Can't wait to follow along!

  3. Such a good idea! I haven't written a lot about being a parent, so this will stretch my comfort zones a bit.

  4. Looking forward to reading all the posts!

  5. Love this idea, Meghan! I can't wait to dig in and read some great posts!

  6. So excited about reading all the posts!

  7. Thanks for hosting this! What a great idea!