Friday, September 28, 2012

October Look Book

It's starting to feel like fall here finally! I'm so excited to be pulling out my cozy sweaters and corduroys after the longest, hottest summer in Midwestern history. See you next year, September, and don't let the doorknob hit you on your way out!

Now that I've back-to-school shopped for everyone else in the family and done a few fall style consultations for clients, it's finally time to shop for some new pieces for me. I thought I'd show y'all a little look-book of the things that have caught my eye as I've made my preliminary pass through a few favorite on-line stores.

If you hover over each page, you can see the details about the items I'm showing you.  If you click on the photo, you can read more about the item and order it online.  I know, too easy, right?  I'm sorry and you're welcome!

After last year's addiction to layering, I'm feeling pulled to more simple combinations of gorgeous, wearable pieces that I can throw on and look fabulous but not fussy. The pieces above fit this new philosophy, but will also allow me to pop on a jacket over or a button-up shirt under to create layered, textured looks as well. I like that above all else, cool-weather clothes are all about versatility. For someone who rarely wears the exact same outfit twice, that's a huge plus.

Hope you get to do a little shopping for yourself this season. Happy weekend, friends!

Disclaimer:  The items in the look book above contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission for any purchases you make when you click on them.  This doesn't mean you'll pay more for the items, it just means that a portion of the sale comes to me.

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