Friday, September 21, 2012

Girls' Weekend

Photo credit Kelly Sauer

Faces of screen-sisters emerge from alphabet-blue and now at last you’re real in ripest flesh. Your messy buns and babydoll bangs, your fiery curls and midnight waves and holy tears spill and linger warm on my shoulder in our trembling anticipation-drenched embraces. Your eyes just sparkle into mine when I pull my face back to meet them again and again.

Finally blessed with the sacred gift of one roof, one moon above us all, we easily flow like smooth, sweet golden honey to serve one another with prayer and touch and poured wine and broken bread and soap and scrub-brush and camera and velvet and wood and paper. I kiss your baby’s head and delight in the wondrous round bellies of this one and that one, skin stretched tight over a hidden her and secret them.  I've learned your soul and now soak in present, perfect companionship with your smile, your voice, your living, breathing loveliness.

We pour and plunk our pain and joy and fear and insecurity and worry and brokenness and healing and hope and bravest love together in a swirling pot, this beautiful stone-soup feast of heart-words, and weep to feel God stir it all and fold us one into the other. My fingers twine timidly around yours and yours back around mine, because maybe now we finally belong to one another in the way we’ve always almost-belonged to one another in some distant land, then found and held onto, real, for as long as time allows.

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  1. Cue sobbing NOW.

    What a beautiful BEAUTIFUL post, my friend!!!

  2. And now I'm crying. I love you so. It was fairyland.

  3. Oh my goodness, Megan. This is gorgeous. This is it. Beautiful through and through, this sacred circle we've created. Or rather, God has knit together.

    I want to go back!

  4. Poet words I'll tuck in my pocket and hold on to. Such beauty. Thank you. <3

  5. so so beautiful and perfectly and poetically captured ~ so so held in my heart forever ~ Chris Ann

  6. *head, desk, sob* You wrote the magic, friend.

  7. Oh my, Megan. How beautifully you render your shared time and your already shared hearts. I want to gush a bit, but I know I will look like a an idiot next to all these participants who write so beautifully...But, if it helps you, I want to gush. I want to be the creative wriitng teacher and break this down word by word, like I would in my class and say, "See this word association, see this word choice, it is brilliant!" And I want to be all giddy excited (make my students roll their eyes giddy) about a piece so transporting and so tender. That's what I want to do. But, I'll just tell you that it is one of my very favorite posts ever. And that I cried, too...for you all, with you all.

    1. Oh. And now I can die happy.

      Just... Thank you. xo

  8. "this beautiful stone-soup feast of heart-words, and weep to feel God stir it all and fold us one into the other."

    Oh, friend. I'm only just now getting to read this, but oh my heart. Perfectly, perfectly captured. OH FRIEND. You always just bring it. Love this, love you.