Wednesday, July 4, 2012

W(MM)WW: The One Bean Narrates

Good Morning, this is Bean.  (For those of you who don't know Bean, she is my seven-year-old daughter and blogger-in-the-making.)

 It's Wednesday, the Fourth of July -- the day that we all go in my back yard and watch the fireworks, roast marshmallows and chill, and the only time that Dads and Moms who work are home on Wednesday. (Except for Dads and Moms who work at home, and they are always home on Wednesdays. I just meant parents who work at an office.)

Me and Mom are going to be doing a wardrobe picture later today and we hope you like it. For now, I'm going to show you what Mom wore this week.

Friday opts

Dress - Old Navy
Shoes - B. O. C via DSW
Necklace - Lia Sophia
Bracelet - Target

This specific outfit has the wonder of light colors and stripes, with dark red heels and a wonderfully beautifully circle-y necklace and a pretty red bracelet.  There's a vacuum cleaner in the back ground.  WHAT!?  A vacuum?  HUH?

Ootd Saturday.

Jeans - Old Navy
Shirt - T. J. Maxx
Wedges - Payless
Necklace - Old Navy
Bracelet - Charming Charlie

This outfit is a very well put-together piece of art. (!!) It has the bright and dark colors mixed together, and it should be presented in an art museum.  It has bright orange shoes called wedges.  We went to brunch at the place with the chicks and hens all over it.  I had a very yummy fried egg, sunny side up, with two sausage links (Peabody ate one of them) and a BIG, HUGE waffle.  I finished it all!

Sunday ootd   :)

Top - Old Navy sale rack 
Sequinned tank dress - Victoria's Secret
Flip-flops - Old Navy
Belt - J. Crew
Jewelry - Charming Charlie

This is your narrator again, and I am telling you, that this is one great, colorful, amazing-looking outfit.  Look at those starfish on the flip-flops and the orange belt against the ugly grey dress!  It makes the dress look like it's a rainbow!  The bracelet and the necklace are popping out like clouds and good grades!  The shirt is so good I don't even know what to say!

Ootd Monday

Crochet sweater - vintage
Silk shell - LOFT
Shorts - LOFT
Sandals - Guess via DSW

Look at those colorful shorts.  I love the little miniature holes in the shirt.  This day was so hot that we had to go to the pool.  And there weren't that many people at the pool because they all thought it was TOO hot.  There were only like FIVE people at the pool.

Welp, that's it for the day, I'm gonna be kickin' back at the pool now.

And that's What my Mom Wore last week!  She'll also be linking this post to Fashion Friday and the casual Friday link-up at Two-Thirty-Five Designs.

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  1. Hey Bean! You did a great job of narrating and as usual, your Mom looks great in everything she wears!

    1. Thanks Mari! I will tell Bean you said so! :)

  2. love your striped dress and your red shoes!! such cute outfits!!

  3. Love the outfits and enjoyed the narration!!!!

  4. I love the first outfit! Although I wish I didn't have to tilt my head to see it upright :( Its such a cute dress!

  5. Love your dress! So cute. Love your daughters narration too. very fun.

  6. The outfits were cute, but Bean's narration was cuter! :)

  7. "it should be presented in an art museum"

    Here, here. Well-spoken, Miss Bean. I agree.

    Love you both!

  8. My favorite look is the striped dress. I love your simple accessories, and you look lovely!

  9. that striped dress is FAB!!! Is it new?

    Stopping by from fashion friday


  10. Love each of these looks and those shorts...amazing! Have a great weekend!

  11. Great outfits and I LOVED hearing from Bean. Awesome job, girl! ;)

  12. Love them all but totally love the gray and white with the bright wedges. I so want to wear gray and white and red now!

  13. Love love your outfits, especially your fun shoes, that circle necklace and those! Your narration is a hoot.

  14. Ikat + vintage crochet = win. I love her narration THISMUCH. <3