Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Style: Good to Be Home Edition, Plus Thoughts on My Visit with My Sister

Weekend Style: Good to Be Home Edition

The kids and I are home from visiting with my sister and brother-in-law and all of the cousins in Virginia, and we're planning a calm, cozy, cool weekend mostly at home, to rest and reconnect and get ready for a busy last few weeks of summer. Were I to pop on whatever I wanted today, to lounge a little, play a little, unpack and clean up a little, the above outfit would totally float my homebody-ish boat. I'd keep it on tonight to watch a movie on the sofa with Al, and that's probably the only time I'd need to don the cute striped terry jacket.

We had a such great trip. My two kids traveled beautifully and spent the week playing with and snuggling up to their cousins, aunt and uncle. These kids just grow so much between visits, it's shocking and bittersweet but full-on awe-inspiring to see my sister's babies, tiny, precious bundles each of whom I held and adored for many hours, growing into actual (beautiful, funny, sweet, charming, helpful) people, with thoughts and dreams and opinions and phones and Facebook pages of their own.

I'd love to have stayed longer; being with my sister grounds me in ways nothing else really can, as she and I are, well ... sisters. Our shared history means that so much of what goes on in my head seems to go on in hers simultaneously, and that just comforts and delights me. I'm not an alien after all, or at least if I am, at least there's one other person here from my home planet. I loved cooking some of her favorite comfort foods and just sitting back and watching her enjoy them. I know what good, nostalgic food made by someone who loves you can do for a tired, parched, stretched-thin soul, and being able to do that for Jackie in light of everything she has going on in her life right now? Well, it's about the most deeply satisfying and fulfilling feeling I can imagine ever carrying within the confines of human skin and bone.

Much to my surprise, Owen can have have adult visitors in the hospital besides his parents, so I spent a brief half-hour with him at Children's in DC as my sister and brother-in-law made their shift-change one afternoon. Owen seems to be recovering well so far after his bone marrow transplant earlier this month, and I'm still just oozing pure joy over getting to and hug him and kiss his head and deliver some new Legos to him. Seeing him and touching him and getting a tiny smile shined my way has renewed my determination to will and pray him to health, and to someday soon go spend time with him AT HOME, where I plan to shower him and his family with all of their favorite things for days on end.

I'm keeping this vision of celebrating Owen's recovery from cancer and its grueling treatment very close in my mind and heart all the time, no matter what else I'm doing or thinking. It's my main motivation and inspiration right now. How could it not be?

I got to visit Owen today!  He's doing well and it was amazing to get spend some time with him.

I hope to be back to blogging regularly this next week. Tell me how you've been lately, and what is in your mind and heart. I've missed hearing from you!

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  1. Even though I knew you weren't posting I kept forgetting and checking the blog daily. Glad you're back!

    I love the sneakers. Darn it, I need to not want anything else.

    I'm avoiding my real life clutter by cleaning up my Pinterest clutter. I'm very mature.

    1. I know! I want it all too. And FAB idea to swap on-line clutter for the real junk. I'm on it.

  2. Thanks for posting about Owen -- it's so good to see him on the other side of his transplant. Praying alongside you for the day when he gets to move home again!

    And I loved what you said about 'if you are an alien, at least there's someone else from your planet'. That cracked me up and rang true about some dear friends I have who are like family.

    1. It's a blessing to have planet-mates with us on earth, no matter HOW God chooses to deliver them, isn't it?

  3. You so inspire me to up my expectations when it comes to my outfits. This outfit looks comfy and cute for a day when I'd ordinarily just put on yoga pants.

    I love that pic of you and Owen. But how did I miss that you were in THIS part of Virginia?!!!

    1. Look at this dress! It never even touches your body except at the shoulders! So much more comfy than yoga pants!

      Also, yes. Stupidly close to you. Since we figured out that I missed seeing you by *thismuch* (seriously, *thismuch* or less!) I've been having to let out small keens here and there to keep from exploding disappointment and regret all over the place. UGHNESS.

  4. This makes me so happy. Love you, friend!

    1. xo! Hope you had a great time this weekend, love.