Thursday, July 12, 2012

Spring Fashion Flashback, Just for Fun

I had these old actual-camera, non-slanted pictures of three outfits from spring lying around and thought I'd share them. The pictures were for a guest post I was working on to show some of my favorite Target finds back in March or April, but the guest post fell through (not in a bad way, just in a this-won't-work-right-now way.) Target moves clothes in and out of their stores at such a quick pace it's hard to buy, photograph and share them before they're sold out, and some styles I see in stores never seem to make it to their on-line site or vice versa.

This is not me complaining about Target, it's me trying to justify showing you three month old pictures of me wearing clothes you might like but you can't buy anymore and have you still love me.

That's why I do everything when you get right down to it. So you'll love me.

(And now you know the depths of my neuroses. Welcome to crazy!  Pull-up a chair.)


Y'all have seen this eyelet skirt a time or two. It's been one of my favorite pieces this season. In this outfit I wanted to dress it up and play with its texture a bit, so I paired it with a crochet sweater, straw clutch and woven shoes. I loved how it all worked together, but ma-aa-an, I sure wish I'd put on some darker lipstick for the photos.

Eyelet skirt - Target
Crochet top - vintage (thrifted)
Floral blouse - Old Navy
Jewelry and straw bag - Charming Charlie
Shoes - Hinge via Nordstrom


(Ghosty much?)

Other ways I've styled the skirt:

Fridays ootd: Keeping my eyelet on you!  Eyelet skirt and trench, Target.  Pink gingham shirt, H&M.  Mesh Oxford, Hinge via Nordstrom. Belt, J. Crew

Felt pretty conspicuous in this at the bus stop with all the other moms and dads in running shorts and trainers.  Target eyelet skirt, Old Navy striped tank ($8 bogo this week!), Polo boys' gingham shirt and b.o.c red sandals.


I've worn these polka-dot shorts from Target fairly frequently.  They've been so fun, but they were an example of an item I found on line, bought immediately, never saw in my local store, and then discovered to be sold out within days. I guess other people liked 'em too.

White jacket - H & M
Blue bow blouse and polka skort - Target
Shoes - vintage (thrifted)

(As you can imagine, with two little kids and a half-a-day watermelon habit, this is really not a white-blazer season of my life, but I do love this jacket. Sometimes I get it out and put it on over my pajamas - also from Target, by the way - right before I go to bed, and stand around like I'm standing in the picture above, while Al tries to see around me to watch King of Queens on the bedroom TV. And then I sigh and put the jacket back on the hanger, cover it with a dry cleaning bag, knot the bag at the bottom, and hide the whole thing in the back of my closet.)

(Keepin' it real here.)

Other ways I've styled the skort:

Ootd Thursday: Berry picking with the kids.

Saturday's ootd: Like a clear blue sky on a blue, blue day.  Polka dot skirt, Target.  Denim shirt, vintage Levi's (thrifted), sandals BOC, yellow bauble watch CC, bracelet Tiffany & Co.


I'm starting to really miss jeans, are y'all? This Target top works so well in a simple outfit with cropped skinnies and a smattering of jewelry. For some reason, I just don't love it as much with shorts (which are currently mandatory), probably because of its longer length and bias cut.  Most of my shorts have wider legs to help minimize my thighs, so I can't pair them with a flowy top like this without just looking sloppy and droopy. But with pants that fit closely like these? Totally different story.

Top - Target
Toothpick jeans - J. Crew
Bag - Audrey Brooke via DSW
Shoes - Hinge via Nordstrom
Jewelry - a hodge-podge of Charming Charlie, Target and Lia Sophia


I am SO wearing this top every day in September.  I'll show you other ways I style it then.

I'll likely be scarce around here next week as the kids and I are going to visit my sister in Virginia. My nephew Owen has had a bone marrow transplant and is recovering at Children's in DC, so we'll be helping care for the rest of the family and just soaking them up, as we haven't seen any of them in nearly a year. We're all very excited to get there and hug and love on the cousins and swim and eat and play and commune with our people.  YAY!

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  1. Of course I love you! Also, when I visit at Christmas, we must have a shopping excursion. Just because.

  2. I totally can't wear bias cut things, but I love that top on you!!!

    And I really like seeing how you style the same piece in different ways. Super helpful to the fashion stunted people like me!

  3. I agree w/JJ - love the "other ways to style" idea.

  4. Love the black patent leather pumps with the gros grain ribbon. Luv them. Where are they from?

    1. Hey Kristine! Those pumps are actually vintage/thrifted. They are Circa by Joan and David. Not available anymore that I can find, but not TOO vintage.

  5. I do miss jeans. Last night I wore some skinny jeans rolled up to the ankle because we were going out and I knew I wouldn't melt. But I miss wearing jeans for a whole day. But I know after about two days of cold enough for jeans temperatures I'll be ready for shorts. ;)