Thursday, July 5, 2012

Insta-Friday: Daily Reminders

Surprised and happy to have our sweet Daddy with us at the farmers market today!

The three people whose love is always working to shape me into my best self.
These three faces and souls are the breathing, growing, daily reminders to focus my energies on the beauty and goodness in myself and my world, to nurture it and make it bloom.

Fresh flowers from the farmers market saying "good morning!"

Fresh flowers from the farmer's market saying Good Morning from the kitchen table.


A blue sky over our heads as we walk cool satin-ribbon-shade sidewalks to the park.

Queen Anne's Lace.  Just plain pretty...

Queen Anne sitting in a frothy dollop of elegant lace.  A gentle reminder of happy days past, woven into today.  

Daisies are the friendliest flower, don't you think?  #noraephron

Bright, true daisies.  As hearty and resistant and forever as heart-kept friendships tested by time and distance.  Clear, crisp and familiar, growing up wild but so intentionally on a new path I think I'm forging alone.

Art al fresco while Daddy mans the grill.

Her color and vibrance take new shapes as she grows into herself.   My eyes love being full of her.  She's nestled in the corners of my every smile.


He's my belly laugh and my excuse to sit still and be loved back.

And his quiet breathing, my peace with myself and every other thing.

Annual Peck Farm visit with the Hookers!

Days fly by, vivid, washed in sunlight, alive with anticipation and the simple joy of promises fulfilled.
I savor and cherish the notion that just-tradition, just-this, is such grandeur.

Celebratory cookie baking!

That what we've always done keeps delivering just cause for giddy celebration.

Too many words for instagram.  This one will have to wait for the blog.

That love goes everywhere with us.  It sits on yellow benches with us, and lights us up so bright it makes us glow.

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  1. Oh, the snuggle pic...just precious!!!

  2. The bunny ears! I love those babies. <3

  3. hi dear! coming over from the instafriday link up for a peek at your blog!

    i am totally jealous of that gorgeous sunlight filtering into your dining room!! i bet it makes everything look so beautiful!

    have a great friday!

  4. Here from InstaFriday. Your kids are beautiful. Love all of the pics. Happy weekend.

  5. You have the most beautiful children!

  6. They are gorgeous ...and so are you! So happy I found your blog!