Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIWW: Old Navy FTW

I seem to always have so much I want/need to talk about,  (I need to talk in order to process) and no time to do it, and it's driving me a little bit batty. Does that happen to you?  I suppose that's a permanent condition of adulthood, isn't it?

Hang on, Gertie! I'ma fly y'all through last week, in reverse, really quickly, and then go supervise the kids who are out "watering the flowers" in the back yard. How much damage can they do? They're outside, and it's just water. (Don't answer that.)


Tuesday ootd

Maxi skirt, top, tank - Old Navy
Jewelry - LOFT, Charming Charlie
(My skirt is clean.  It's my mirror that's dirty.  Can't win 'em all, right?)

Monday ootd

Top, skirt, cami and necklace - Old Navy

(I would like to share the discovery with you that when I allow myself to eat sugar, I get a gut.  Almost immediately.  The pooch under that cami is not a new little FriedOkra baby growing.  It's about two cups of homemade strawberry jam.)  (Just in case the tabloids are watching me.)

(Maybe Jennifer Anniston likes jam, too.)

Sunday ootd #ootd

Shorts, top (which I am currently deeply in love with and want to wear every day) and necklace - Old Navy
Sandals - Guess via DSW

Saturday ootd #ootd

Top - Old Navy
Mint jeans - LOFT
Necklaces - LOFT and Lia Sophia
Shoes - Hinge via Nordstrom

Ootd Wednesday

Striped top - Thrifted
Shorts - Old Navy
Shoes - BASS
Turtle necklace - Charming Charlie

Sometimes you just have to build an outfit around your adorable fake-jewel-encrusted turtle necklace.

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  1. Gut? Please. Imma kick you...

    Adorable as always, friend!

  2. The striped top look with mint jeans is my favorite, perfect for summer!

    A Little Bit of Lacquer

  3. You always look great! Our Old Navy closed. I really miss it because even though it was hit or miss...I did find great deals there. Bread gives me insta tummy...but tastes so good.

  4. I love Old Navy-I tend to find more online but did recently find some great deals for myself.
    The second and third pics are my favorite-but all of the outfits and cute!

  5. Um, YES. I vote WIN. That lavender outfit took my breath away. Darling. DARLING, I tell you! You so pretty.

  6. You look so adorable in shorts (and everything you wear!!) We have a Charming Charlie near us that I just recently discovered!


  7. You just made me realize that I need to get my butt on over to Old Navy. Love the necklace, the maxi skirt, striped top, white pants, etc, etc!

  8. As always, your outfits are adorable. If I had the privilege of running into you IRL, I would shout, "CUTE OUTFIT!" to you every single day.

    But let's talk about the gut thing, shall we? I actually googled it last week. For me, it doesn't even matter if it's sugar. It's just eating. I don't remember saying goodbye to my abdominals, but apparently, they leave once you hit 40.

  9. So it's the sugar that's giving me this gut!? BOO!!! I like my sugar, thank you (but not my gut!)

    You're so cute. I love your style, and you are inspiring me to try a maxi skirt.