Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WIWW: For Flamenco Dancing and Surgery, of Course

Another Wednesday, another chance to show you what I wore.  Which remains the single weirdest thing I do all week.  Okay probably not the weirdest, and especially not this past week, because this past week I did some fairly uncommonly weird stuff, even for me.  

So did you notice that several weeks ago I changed the location of my outfit posts?   I did that to make it so I could take them straight up and down.

Apparently Eileen no matter where I stand.

Ootd Thursday!

Dress - Victoria's Secret
Gingham shirt - Ralph Lauren
Shoes - Payless 
Bag - Audrey Brooke via DSW
Jewelry - LOFT


Aren't these fun?  I wore them pretty much every day after I bought them on Monday.  It's like I was starved for shoe cuteness or something, and I've just been gluttonizing myself on them because OMG. WEDGES.  WITH FLOWERS.  NOM!  I'll normalize again eventually and get them into a less frenzied position in the shoe rotation.

Ootd Friday

Eyelet skirt - Target
Grey tee - Talbot's
Scarf - Target
Shoes - Payless
Bracelets - Charming Charlie

Something about this outfit made me wish I had some castanets.  Are you somewhat surprised to hear that I don't actually own any castanets?  Even I find that a little bit surprising.  I'll have to rectify that.  I'm fairly sure I'm the kind of person who should own castanets.

Ootd Saturday.

Dress - Victoria's Secret
Shoes - (Ahem.)
Necklace - LOFT
Bracelet - Charming Charlie

I get so dang many compliments on this dress.  I actually wore it out shopping Saturday.  Clothes shopping.  And the store employees in every store were all, "SHUT UP.  I love that dress.  Where did you get that dress?"  Seriously!  In White House, Black Market the girls all sorta clustered around me exclaiming, "OH YOUR DRESS IS FABULOUS.  It's so COLORFUL."  

"Well um ... YE-E-EAH," I said, looking around the store. (Blink-blink.)


Tee - Old Navy, years ago
Skirt - Garnet Hill
Necklace - LOFT
Shoes - Payless 

This was my favorite outfit of the week.  I've had this tee for almost four years and never really loved it, but then I put it on with this Garnet Hill skirt and it was as if lightening struck, and I saw the shirt in a brilliant new light.  It's funny how the right combination can bring out the best in a piece that never really did much for you before.  

Or it could have just been the cute shoes.

Anyway, I'm pretty much counting the days until I can wear this outfit again.   

Annnd ... One.


(Hee hee.  Just kiddin'.)

Ootd Tuesday.

Shirt/Necklace/Shorts - LOFT
Shoes - Guess via DSW

Fun stuff I picked up at the super sale going on at LOFT.  The top kinda looks like scrubs, doesn't it?  Which is completely appropriate, because I wore it yesterday, which also happened to be the day I had the dubious honor of surgically removing a small ball of blue Play-Doh from my 3 year old's ear canal. 

That was a special time for both of us, allow me to assure you.  

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  1. Cute, Cute, Cute! You always look great!

  2. LUV your outfits! So adorable and great, great shoes.

  3. Adorable, as always!
    I have castanets - several, actually. I'm not sure why, but I do. I believe they are currently in hiding from the children, though. ;)

  4. Loving these outfits! Especially the last two and oh, those red them!

  5. All your outfits seem so effortless! Perfect for summer!


  6. I love all your outfits but I favor the tee and skirt combo it is so effortless and super cute!

  7. Love each of these looks! You have great style.

  8. Love the outfits! I do the same thing when I get a new pair of shoes - despite the fact that I own a zillion pairs of shoes, that one pair must be worn everyday for like a week. ;) And wow, blue playdoh, huh? My kid just turned four yesterday and thankfully we haven't had to remove anything from any orifices yet. Maybe we can make through toddler-hood without that joy. (crossing my fingers here)

  9. Very cute outfits but I LOVE that turquoise dress. It looks tuning on you.

  10. I love the Old Navy Shirt with that skirt too... And the shoes, of course! You look fabulous and you look very happy. The play dough comment made me laugh!!

  11. Your shoes are beautiful. I'd wear them daily too. Are they comfy? That Old Navy tee is gorgeous. I have tee-s that have become favorites that I'd wish I'd bought two of. That one would be one of those!


  12. You are just the cutest thing, evah!


  13. I love the shoes and your sense of style is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.
    Lori D.

  14. Very stylish! Love how those fabulous red shoes go with nearly EVERYTHING!! And I can't imagine how that playdough removal daughter squirms for the smallest stuff!

  15. I love all the outfits, especially that Garnet Hill skirt! SOO cute. But those shoes. are. amazing. Like, run to Payless this morning and hope they have my size, amazing!!

  16. Love your outfits, they all look very comfy yet stylish. This is something that I'm working on figuring out for the summer: laid back looks!

    Pink Chai

  17. I just stumbled on your blog and you are adorable! You have to be from the south because although I live in NY I am a southern girl born and bred and we loooove okra. :) I'll definitely stop by again and am signing up to be a follower . Please stop by my blog sometime too if you have a moment--we have lots of play-dog moments too. ;)