Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'll Probably Be Wearing Wednesday

What I'll probably wearing this Wednesday?  Is barf.

I'ma make this brief, because yep, Norovirus II, starring Peabody, is now playing in my family room. And in my guest bedroom, and in a bathroom or two, and there's a bit of a "trailer" in the linen closet. Pretty much wherever we don't have a tarp down to catch vomit (we've had them down in the kids' bedrooms since last week when Norovirus I, starring Bean, hit theatres), because that's how these things always go, isn't it?

These are the outfits I was able to capture over the past week. I won't even apologize for them, since for part of the week I was nursing a sickie, and then after that Summer!!!! Vacation!!!! started, and both kids have been home ALL THE TIME ACK! and we apparently have been too busy trying to cross off every single thing on our Summer Bucket List in the first 48 hours to care what we've got on.

(I mean, personally, I really do care, but my caring and my getting to actually do it don't necessarily go hand in hand when I'm full-time mothering both kids. I haven't been to the bathroom since Saturday lunchtime, but I have filled and refilled the kiddie pool fourteen times, unwrapped about a hundred ice cream sandwiches and built an amazing butterfly garden complete with a wading pond and nearly-natural-looking "outcropping" of rocks.)

(And that was just yesterday from 3:30 to 5 PM.)

Believe it or not, that's the sick one.

(That's Bean in the background on one of her sick days. Can you imagine what she's like healthy? Perky little thing.)

(Side braid and nude make-up.)

Superstar Jeans - Old Navy
Tee - Gap
Necklace - LOFT
Flats - Chinese Laundry via DSW

Ootd Sunday

Tunic/Dress - Old Navy
Leggings - J. Jill
Necklace - LOFT
Sandals - Katie & Kelly via DSW

Ootd Monday.

Superstar Skinnies - Old Navy
Bird shirt - Old Navy
Bracelet/watch - Charming Charlie
Necklace - LOFT
Sandals - Guess via DSW

Ootd Tuesday


Peasant top - Thrifted
Cut-offs - An old pair of Lucky Brand Jeans that I DIY'd
Necklace & Bracelet- Charming Charlie
Flower Wedges - Payless


Silk blouse - Victoria's Secret
Boyfriend Roll-Up Shorts - Gap
Belt - J. Crew
Bucks - Bass
Necklaces - Charming Charlie

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  1. 1) So sorry that Peabody is sick!
    2) I love that photo with Bean in the background! She is too cute.
    3) You look adorable (and/or fabulous) no matter what you're wearing, so you should never feel the need to apologize in any fashion (punny!) whatsoever.

    1. Thanks Jenn! Peabody seems better! Yeah, I kinda like that picture, too... now whenever I go in that room to do my outfit pictures she says, "MOMCANIBEINTHISONE? CANICANIHUH? PLEASEMOM?" She is, in fact, too cute. Thanks for thinking I look good! It's been hit or miss in my book lately. :)

  2. We've got the sickness here too...we are all wearing pj's here on Wednesday :)

    1. OH GOSH! Feel better fast! It's awful, isn't it?

  3. I would like to say that you are truly a trooper and one of the bestest, sweetest mamas in the world. It IS much easier to deal with when their mess is containable. Ava, even as a little thing, got this terrified look on her face before she threw up each time, so I was able to slide the bucket under her. I am not good with human waste of any kind anywhere other than in a potty or a plastic washable container that I can dump in the potty. Life stops in its tracks for us when that kind of sickness visits. Eventually all will be ok again . Just remember that what doesn't kill us will make us stronger. Xoxo Julie

    1. All will be okay again for sure! I'm glad you think I'm a good Mama. I think my kids may have a different impression after the past few days. :)

  4. Oh no . . . you have much mama sympathy coming your way! Our school is not out until this Friday, and my middle son's class had 10 students out with influenza B two weeks ago, and a new case of whooping cough last week. We are handwashing maniacs over here! Hang in there -- hope you and Al stay well.

    1. OH GOSH. Flu and whooping cough! I bet you DO wash your hands like crazy! I would too.

  5. How long ago did you get the first Loft necklace? I LOVE it!!!

  6. I love your accessories! You always look so fabulous! You inspire me! ;)

  7. I love that first picture of you! Beautiful.

  8. I love the first pic with Bean in the background-its super!!
    I love the outfits-especially the tunic dress and leggings & sandals. I've been curious about the Katie & Kelly brand at DSW-looks cute but I haven't gotten to see it in person just on-line (nice LONG sentence;-)
    I hope every one is feeling better soon!!!

    1. I have three or four pairs of K&K and I really like them. No complaints here. And I think (hope) we are all on the mend now. Thank you!

  9. I don't follow the WIWW posts at all, except that I always look forward to yours! So cute, all the time.

    Hope that stupid sickness leaves your house SOON!

  10. I love reading your entries, Megan. I am SO glad you're back to writing so frequently. You give such a real, open, honest voice to the "blogosphere" and I'm always refreshed when I read your words! Plus, the way you talk about your man is how I love to hear women speak of their husbands -- too much negativity against spouses in this world and it's great to find respect and love!

  11. That first pic of you and Bean?! YOU MUST PRINT THAT. I am so very serious, my friend. Both of you just out of control with the gorgeous. Please, oh please don't let it get stuck on your phone forever.

    I sooooooooooo hope all is well and better on the sickness front soon. Love you.

  12. I don't know HOW you get those pictures on your iPhone. You must have good lighting. Every time I try to take full length shots on my iPhone, they are blurry or my pose is just plain dumb looking. LOL.