Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday: Why My Outfit Pictures are .... Quirky.

You never ask, but I can only assume you wonder.

I take my outfit pictures, obviously, on my camera phone, because it's always in my hand anyway, so why not use for something besides a mirror to check for green stuff in my teeth and interwebby umbilical cords to the husband and my "girls?"  And I use Instagram because after taking the picture, I can add a fancy filter that instantly cleans my bathroom AND makes my knees look less frowny at the same time.

(I don't think I could pull that particular combination off myself with all the Photoshop actions in the world.)

Once I've dolled up the shot, I can post it directly from Instagram to, with one little click of a button, while I'm still standing there, in front of my insta-cleaned bathtub, with my knees impatiently frowning back at me.  I stand in front of the bathtub because that's where the only full length mirror in our house hangs, and plus I know the occasional fleeting peek at my faucet or the whisper of a promise at a possible glance of a random bath pouf, razor or shampoo bottle is just plain titillating.

Keeps 'em comin' back for more, yo?

I take my pictures diagonally because I'm a friggin' giant, apparently.  No, wait.  I'm not a giant.  I'm average.  In all sorts of ways, really, come to think of it.  In this case I mean my height, though.  And because of the placement of the mirror and its unfortunate juxtaposition with my just-average-enough height, it's geometrically impossible (trust me, I've tried, and if my frowny knees in a straight-upright position don't scare you enough,  you should see their contorted-to accommodate-a-vertical-shot grimace) to take a full length shot of myself holding the camera vertically without actually standing inside the bathtub.

And then you couldn't see my fancy shoes.

One of these days I'll find the little doohickey that connects my camera to the tripod and start taking real pictures again.

Until then, you can just call me "Eileen."


Thursday's Outfit  
White cropped blazer, H&M.  
Jeans and belt,  J. Crew.  
Striped shirt, Jones New York (thrifted).  
Electric blue pumps, Katie and Kelly via DSW.  
Necklace, Target.  (Or TAH-gret, according to Peabody.)


Just wanted you show you my stripes.  Pattern are yummy in combination with a crisp, eyepopping solid like this white blazer.  I think I read somewhere that good old seersucker's making a comeback this season.  Polka dots, eyelet AND seersucker?  Summer 2012, I think I love you.

Friday's ootd: Yellow and gray!  Tank dress VS, cardi Old Navy, flips Target, bracelets Charming Charlie, necklace gifted.

Oh hi pot belly!  Gosh, I love this sequinned tank dress from Victoria's Secret.  But I do not like how it hugs my real gal, mid-life, two-baby frontal pooch.  I sucked it in for as long as I could, but by noon I looked like a kangaroo after a five dolla foot long lunch. (Do they have Subway in Australia?)

(On the pooch:  I'm beginning to understand Grandmama Clover's firm insistence on a  foundational "body shaper" no matter what the temperature outside.  She always looked pretty firm, I have to admit.  The sweat mustache she sported all summer, on the other hand, was a little off-putting.)

Friday's OOTD  
Tank dress, VS.  Cardi, Old Navy.  
Flip flops 
(Remind me to tell you a story about those flip-flops sometime.  
I've nick-named them "The CRUEL Shoes."), Target.  
Necklace, gifted.  
Yellow bubble watch, Charming Charlie.  
Bangles, Old Navy.

Style for Moms

Saturday's OOTD 
Polka dot skort, Target.  
Denim shirt, vintage Levi's, thrifted.  
Red sandals, BOC via DSW.  
Jewelry and purse, Charming Charlie.

A rare Sunday ootd:  Like a Roman Soldier... Tunic, TJ Maxx.  Cropped leggings, J.Jill.  Black sandals Katie & Kelly via DSW.  Jewelry Charming Charlie.

My homage to Roman soldiers?

Sunday's OOTD  
Tunic, TJ Maxx.  
Leggings, J. Jill.  
Sandals, Katie and Kelly via DSW.  
Jewelry, Charming Charlie.

Monday's ootd: Kickin-down the cobblestones... Polka dot shirt, Target from eons ago.  Papaya jeans, J. Crew. Cardi, Old Navy.  Black loafers, Nickels via DSW.
*Instragram also does an extraordinary job of ELONGATING MY HEAD.  Gah!   
Oh, hi Bert!  Where's Ernie?  I see you've finally shaved your bushy unibrow and traded in your signature striped shirt for trendy polka dots.  Looking good, my man.  Lookin' good.

Monday's OOTD 
Papaya jeans, J. Crew 
Polka dot shirt, Target (eons ago.  Like from the LAST time polka dots were a trend.) 
Cardi, Old Navy.  
Black loafers, Nickels via DSW.

Tuesday's ootd: FOUND: White shirt dress, GAP.  Sandals, Katie and Kelly via DSW. bracelets, Charming Charlie.

Ah-HA!  I found my white shirt dress(<---- I styled one that I loved last week on Fashion Crush Friday), y'all!  All that time, you know where it was hiding?

Tuesday's OOTD  
White shirt dress (woot!), GAP.  (Shut.  Up.)
Sandals, Katie & Kelly via DSW.  
Purse, Target, forever ago.

Bonus: Jill at the good life for less styled white dresses today. Just in case you're now wanting one and thinking about fun ways to dress it up or down. And she found a really cute one at Old Navy that is very similar to the one I styled in last week's post. I may have TWO white dresses by week's end!

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  1. Where have you been all my life?... totally not stalkin'... I love your humor...and your style... AWESOME.

    1. Aw... thanks girl! You are looking pretty good yourself. As I said in your comments, your shoes are all fabuloso! I haz shoe envy.

  2. I had no idea I could publish from instagram to flickr. Huh. Well whaddya know? Thanks for the tip!

  3. You're too funny! And your outfits are great!

  4. Sweat mustache...bwahahah! Man, I heart you!!!

    1. I heart u back, Jen. Not gonna kiss you though, because ... Sweat mustache.

  5. You crack me up! I really hope it works out for us to get together when I'm home in July.

    P.S. You are one hot mama!

    1. Stop being so sweet, you cute little thing you! :)

  6. Oh my gosh you made me laugh out loud, sweat mustache!! Love your cute, stylish outfits too!

  7. I love ALL your clothes and how you put them together. Plus, you are smokin!!


  8. CUTE outfits! LOVE the polka dot outfit!! You're SO FUNNY!! I am having a 5.00 footlong kangaroo baby too!! And while sometimes I feel self conscious, other times I say screw it!! It's ALL IN THE CONFIDENCE - right?!?!?

  9. oh my goodness!! All of your photos are SIDEWAYS?! Have you tried holding the phone higher up and to the right a bit? Maybe take a step back? Anyways that square crop is frustrating... I just email my photos to Flickr using my unique email address that I can got on my account page. Okay - sorry, not meaning to sound like a know it all jerk. So glad I found your page and all your cute outfits! LOVE the shirt dress outfit. too cute!

  10. Wow, wish I could look half as good!

  11. I'm a stripe girl, but you're making me want to try some polk-a-dots!

    Visiting from WIWW.