Friday, May 18, 2012

Style Crush Friday: White Shirtdress

One trend I've seen in all the style magazines lately that I absolutely adore is the crisp white dress. Interestingly enough though, I haven't seen one styled on any of my favorite go-to style blogs, so I wonder if maybe it's just me who's really digging the look. Or maybe it's that like me, no one else can find the perfect white dress for her lifestyle or budget.

While I love the style of the dress pictured in each of the outfits below, it's made of linen (of the wrinkle-fest, dry-clean only variety) and costs (on sale!) well over $200 smackers. Now, call me a pessimist, but just I don't think a white linen dress in that price range would be practical for a Mama to two ketchup-, chocolate- and popsicle-lovin' kids who pretty much roll around in black dirt and on hot asphalt for sport. Thus, I'm on the hunt for a washable, wearable white dress that looks like this one but costs less than $100. And so far, all of my favorite places to shop have pretty much turned up nothing but a shrug and a Good luck with that, ma'am.

But OH, I LOVE how this completely impractical, no-y'-nevah-gonna-get-it white dress looks, styled all sorts of fun ways.

How about a little boardwalk casual, for your beach or lake vacation:

style crush friday - white shirt dress 1

Or buttoned-up and belted (after removing the sash) for a Friday in the office:

style crush friday white shirt dress 3

Or sweetly accessorized for Sunday brunch:

style crush friday - white shirt dress 2

Cute, huh? It'd also be perfect un-belted with a wide-brimmed straw hat, cat-eye sunnies and a pair of bright canvas boat shoes on the deck of my imaginary yacht. Since the dress remains a figment of my imagination, too, I guess it'd fit right in.

Run across a trend you're loving? Send me an email with a picture or link, and I'll see if I can whip up some outfits (real or imaginary) for next Friday's Style Crush post.

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  1. Love the boardwalk casual and the fact that one dress can be so versatile!

  2. I can TOTALLY see you wearing each of those outfits! : )

    I've had my eye on a white suit for summer and I'm worried about spillage, too.

  3. I wore a white dress with a colorful scarf in my hair on my first date with Corey. It's always been one of my favorite looks. I love how you've accessorized this one. So snap to it and find us one that is classy and not too pricey.

    1. I did! Also, I wish I could see a pic of you in your first date outfit. I bet you were perfect!

  4. I was just looking at Lands End, and they have some
    white dresses, not shirt dresses though.....but they
    have a chambray pintuck bib shirtdress on sale for
    $34.99 that looks real nice....only it isn't white,
    but you might like to take a look at it. The item
    number is 40550-4A63.

    1. YES Jann! We must've had a mind meld moment! I looked at LE yesterday and found the shirt dress you're referring to (would work for summer into fall, too!) I also found a super cute white dress and put it up on the FriedOkra Facebook page. I was about to pull the trigger until I looked at the customer reviews, which were abysmal. :( But then I stopped into GAP to buy Bean a shirt and lo and behold I found a SUPER CUTE white shirt dress WITH AN INCLUDED CUTE LITTLE CHEMISE to wear under it. $59 - so not bad comparatively speaking. Bought it and hope to show it to you all soon! Thanks for thinking of me and sharing your find! xo

  5. Here's a cute one they also have a shirt dress but not in white. Good luck with your search.