Friday, May 25, 2012

Style Crush Friday: Sonya's Vacation+ Collection

Last week my old high school classmate Sonya left me a message on Facebook saying that she likes my style posts and wishes she could come shopping in my closet. She went on to say that she's making some transitions in her life and she wants to reinvent herself and freshen up her look. I can't even begin to tell you how happy she made me by saying that. Major happy. Skippy, jumpy, cracky-my-facey-smiley happy. Make-my-cheeks-hurt happy.

Sonya with her dog Edward

See, sharing my personal style in pictures all over the internet isn't about egotism or see-how-awesome-I-am-ness, as much as it may look that way from the outside. Honestly, posting pictures of my 44-year-old self feels more like exercise in humility and vulnerability most days. I wonder if everyone who blogs about personal style feels that way? I bet they do, to some degree.

So why do it at all? I can't speak for other personal style bloggers, but just about every post I write or share, be it a style post or a motherhood post or a recipe post or a woe-is-me post, comes from my desire to connect with, relate to and inspire just one other woman out there to first accept, and then to love and appreciate herself, to take great care of herself, and to be joyful and happy about the amazing person she really is. That's all I want, with each post. Just one woman per post. One little nudge away from not thinking she's good enough, or smart enough, or pretty enough or skinny enough or Mom enough. That's where I'm coming from, as a writer, as a story-teller, as a style sharer, and as a sister.

When I read Sonya's comment, I did a few cartwheels in my kitchen. SCORE! I'd inspired her to take time out of her crazy busy life, take stock of her closet (she owns a medical practice and says she pretty much lives in scrubs right now) realize she wants to look as fabulous and vibrant as she feels, and give herself a much-needed injection of style before she leaves on a fantastic vacation to Europe in a few weeks. (Gah! LUCKY!) It all sounded so exciting that my mouth had up and volunteered to help her before my brain figured out what had hit it (this is not at all uncommon in my life.) And Sonya leapt at my offer.

So over the past week, Sonya has given me a budget and shared a few details about her body type and color preferences and general likes/dislikes when it comes to clothing. Armed with this information, I shopped on-line for pieces that would fit and flatter her shape and highlight her beautiful features. Sonya has gorgeous eyes and an absolutely sparkling smile, a striking cropped blonde hair-style and the narrow waist that is typical of the perfect hourglass shape. We also wanted to diminish her discomfort with some of the parts of herself that make her angsty. (She says she's ample in the hip line. Like we aren't ALL ample in the hip line, can I get witness?) As I selected pieces I thought fit the bill, I pinned my picks on a dedicated board on Pinterest and let her comment on them at her leisure.

Once I'd pinned all my selections and shared them with Sonya, and she had let me know which of the clothes suited her tastes, I clipped my Pinterest pins to Polyvore (slow me down if I'm losing you) and began creating the collection pictured below for her. I focused the majority of my efforts on finding the right pieces for her to pack and wear for her ten days and nights in Paris and Spain (sigh!), but because I know that Sonya will be transitioning from scrubs to career-wear when she comes back to reality, I intentionally chose some pieces for the trip that will serve as the foundation for her new work wardrobe as well.

Take a look!

Sonya M. - Daywear

Sonya M ... Daytime (2)

Sonya ... Evenings

Sonya ... Extras

I gave Sonya a sneak peek at her collection yesterday and she says she loves it all. Last time we talked, she was sitting down with her credit card to start shopping (it's all on-line!) I'm so excited to hear how this consultation and our finds work out for you, Sonya! I hope that after you pack it all there's still room in your 50-lb.-weight-limit bag for your style consultant. I hear Paris has a boutique or two. I'd make myself useful, I promise.

What about you? Do you have an event coming up and want a hand styling the perfect look? Need a shot of freshness in your tired old closet? Leave me a note. I can put some looks together for you, too.

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  1. Fantastic job, friend! I need you to do a "postpartum polyvore." :-)

  2. That is SO awesome you did this for your friend!! And love the looks too :)

  3. What a great idea! I love it! (And you have a GREAT sense of style, my friend.)