Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts on Purpose and Motivation

It's Monday!

For me, Monday brings a fresh start, a new beginning, a clean slate. It's the day I need to remind myself to take a deep breath, both literally and figuratively, define or re-define my priorities, adjust and clarify my mission (or just re-focus on my mission) and determine my strategies for getting done what needs to be done over the course of the next seven days.

It sounds so easy, doesn't it? OHMYWORD. It's next to impossible! Life refuses to stand still around here to let me to sit and ponder and plan very long at a time. Yet when I don't make the effort to consciously focus myself on these simple, life-ordering, necessary activities, I tend to get totally lost under the mental landslide of daily responsibilities and distractions. I feel like to stay on track - to maintain some sense of order and accomplishment - I need to continually tie the bustle of my every-day activities back to a framework of my own inner purpose and passion. Otherwise, even with a packed agenda and a lengthy to-do list, I'm quickly swept away in the current of needs-right-now, and many days end with me feeling like I stayed ridiculously busy all day long but accomplished exactly nothing.

I need to motivate myself by constantly connecting my routine and occasionally mundane daily responsibilities and work to my deepest core values and purpose, as doing so brings meaning to my work and helps me weed out the time-wasting stuff, so that I focus my attention and efforts to do what really matters, first and best.

My current missions of being an amazing wife to Al, raising my children to know they're loved and uniquely gifted, running an efficient, cozy household, and blessing my neighbors and family and friends (including the lovely friends I continue to make here on the blog) as I'm led, stem from my overall life purpose which is to be a source of comfort, joy, and inspiration to the people God brings into my life.

In always keeping my eyes on what I believe I've been put on earth and into this particular life to do, and in keeping that mission as my basis for determining goals and measuring my progress, I'm able to stay focused, find fulfillment, and ultimately, be successful. When I allow my purpose to grow murky (and I do, oh, how I do, time and time again!), I become unmotivated, and my activity/productivity levels drop, I waste tons of time seeking external STUFF to fill up my empty mind and soul. I feel bored and unfulfilled, and I end days and weeks and sometimes months feeling guilty and tired and disappointed in myself.

Do you think about your overall purpose in life? What's your source of motivation for everything you have to do every day? Are you starting this week with a renewed spark of passion, a flexible plan and a healthy dose of positivity and determination?

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  1. Excellent thoughts!! If we all (individuals and organizations) find and state our purpose, memorize it, and revisit it often (weekly and/or daily is good I think) it will help in all the ways you describe. It will help our own state-of-mind and being, and if that purpose involves those around us, as yours does, it will help the state-of-mind and being of those around us. Thanks!!

  2. Funny you should have posted this today. I've got so many thoughts running around in my crazy brain, that I couldn't possibly articulate them in a brief comment box. I'll just say that the timing of your post MUST be a God thing, as my mind and heart have been heading toward a point of clarification for a while now, and I've set tomorrow, May 1st, as my cliff. I am headed toward my "jumping off" point and MUST trust that God will be there to catch me!

  3. Early this morning at the gym, I found my motivation again. And it came from frustration. I was frustrated with my lack of motivation, frankly, and that seemed to be the fuel for my fire. As I was covered in sweat with muscles screaming, I realized that I needed to be "all in" in several aspects of my life! It was an epiphany that I'm not going to take for granted!

  4. I've found myself reflecting a lot about how I ended up here on my couch and can sometimes get caught up in that- the journey here instead of the journey ahead. That's my main focus right now. I have a lot to get ready for. I don't want to get stuck.


  5. You have no idea how much i can relate to your feelings! At the end of the day, i have to look back and remind myself of what all i accomplished because my guilt cant remember it. We have got to quit living in a world all about what we do because usually our best accomplishments are things we will not know until much later or sometimes never...our children are a great example of that!