Thursday, April 26, 2012

neon (your ways)

I loved the ideas y'all had for incorporating neons into our wardrobes a bit more subtly, and also I ma-a-ay be a wee tiny bit addicted to Polyvore, so I bopped around last night while Al was in his man cave and put together a few more outfits that rock the brights in a way that won't burn anybody's retinas or dent anyone's dignity.

bright bottoms

Bright isn't quite as scary if it's really far from the face. I like the way this keeps some flattering colors around the face but then goes off the chain from the waist down. I could do this, I think. If I were to get uncomfortable once out and about, it'd be easy for me to hide the brilliance under the tablecloth. Or, you know, just sit in my car.

bright top

"d" suggested trying neon under a cardigan, and I like that idea. I went for this neon shade of turquoise, because turquoise is a universally flattering color. That is, it's flattering for women of any coloring. Coral is the other universally flattering color. Isn't that good to know? Anyway, yes d, I like this suggestion. Is this what you had in mind?

bright with white

And then Megan also suggested trying neon jewelry/accessories with a crisp white blouse, and I immediately started thinking how neat that would look, and how easy it'd be to pull together. I love love love crisp white shirts with jeans and a statement shoe... so here I toned down the shoe a little bit and added pops of bright with neon bangles, a necklace and a precious Girl Scouty envelope clutch.

So now I'm thinking, well yes... neon. I can do this! What about you?

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  1. Yes, that's what I was thinking:-) I love the idea of a crisp white shirt with neon jewelry or shoes. Good ideas-now to go shopping.

  2. Those are pretty cute looks. I like the jewelry in the last look--it is way better looking than most of the neon accessories I have seen. Usually the neon I see just reminds me too much of what I wore when I was in middle school. I wear a lot of bright pink already, as it is a very flattering color for me. And I love turquoise. Otherwise I'll pass on the neon trend.


    Actually, I'm feeling sorta swayed. Those are cute outfits!

  4. Cute looks! Love love love the Madewell bag!


  5. I love those jeans for that pop of neon, or the accessories!