Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy March: Spring Mantle Ideas

Phew! March is finally here. February may've only had one extra day this year, but it felt to me like an extra YEAR for some reason. Probably because I have NEVER been looking so forward to spring as I am this year. Having a crazy three-year-old boy cooped up in the house all day will do that to a Mama.

It was high time -- both by the calendar and by my nerves' dwindling ability to deal with Peabody stacking books, toys and boxes of cereal in order to create a makeshift ladder on which he could stand and thus reach the glass candy jar of chocolate kisses thereupon -- to get rid of the Valentine mantle display and replace it with something more springy and less hazardous to my family's health and my sanity.

And so as I am wont, I looked to Pinterest for some ideas on what to do to capture the essence of early spring in my family room.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Loved the touches of red in this one, as my fall and winter family room decor includes loads of red.  I also smiled at the somewhat subtle nod to Easter with the inclusion of a rabbit and the eggs.

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

White with greens and blues - just so fresh and clean.  I love stacks of books on mantles, too.

Again, white and green, and again, subtle inclusion of eggs (in the jars, with Spanish moss.)

I combined the themes and some of ideas from all three of these examples, and using what I had on hand (okaaaaaaaaay, I made one trip to Homegoods, too) I came up with this for our mantle:


A little red, a little rabbit, a BIG egg, and ta-daaaaa ... early springiness! I even got to leave some of the Valentine's Day stuff up there. I wasn't quite ready to part with the love birds yet. Awww...


I used to hate silk flowers, but when you live up here where the flowers don't start blooming until April, you kinda gotta budge on your LIVE PLANTS ONLY rule, or else have a green thumb indoors, and all of my indoor fingers? Are black.


It doesn't look THAT fake, does it?

As I pushed my cart around Homegoods, I ran across this guy, who wanted to go home with me. He was on the CLEARANCE rack. I got all Velveteenish inside and while I knew Al would think I'd lost my mind, I also knew two kids who would LOVE him, so I did indeed bring him home. By way of the preschool, where I picked up Peabody.

The bunny was sitting in Bean's car seat when I bought Peabody out of the school to put him in his own seat. Needless to say, the moment he looked over and saw the big giant bunny on his sister's side of the car will not soon be forgotten by either of us.


And now he's home and rockin' our kitchen counter top.  I left some barren Christmas dogwood sticks beside him for a touch of irony.  (The real bunnies in our back yard LOVE to chew these shrubs down to nubs every year.)

Happy March, ya hare?

What are you doing to liven things up in your neck of the woods as spring marches in?

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  1. I love what you've done! Wish I had a mantle, but I'll just have to enjoy yours. :)
    PS - I have a black thumb too.

  2. I have a mantle, but only change it up for Christmas. But I enjoy people with a decorating "green thumb!"