Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIWW: Kissing the Winter Wardrobe Doldrums Goodbye

Pssst ... I'm working on what I think is a really neat post for Thursday about the 5 easy pieces you can add NOW to your late winter wardrobe to bring it out of the doldrums, and also wear in cute new ways this spring.  So if you like the sound of that, make sure to pop back here tomorrow to check it out.

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For now, since it's Wednesday, here are three of my outfits from the past week that combine buds of brightness borrowed from spring days to come with staples from my winter wardrobe.


Cool Colors, Warm Fabrics


... and bad pictures, apparently.  It's been so gray and yucky here lately.  Even standing practically on the window sill I still can't suck in any natural light, so please excuse the grainy photos.

Teal wool blazer - Merona (Target), many years ago
Blue print silk shell - Banana Republic, thrifted 
Winter white matchstick cords - White House, Black Market
Neutral suede pump - BCBG, via Ross
Teal faux skin clutch - DSW
Necklace - Target


Vibrant Valentine


LOL.  Did I cut myself shaving?  Sure looks like it, but those little things on my face (and all over my jacket) are actually snowflakes.  My sweet husband took these photos for me on Valentine's Day, which coincided with our once-a-month Tuesday morning standing date.   After these were taken, we went in the house and didn't leave again until it was time to pick the little guy up from pre-school.  It was one of our better dates ... HUBBA HUBBA!  (Wink.)

Black cord jacket - LOFT
Pink polka dot sweater - Old Navy
Matchstick jeans - J. Crew
Leopard print belt - Talbot's
Neutral/black patent shoe - Audrey Brooks
Necklace - LOFT

IMG_0635   IMG_0642


Pink I


Probably my favorite of the three - this outfit just had me feeling cute and perky all day long.
Can't you tell?

Pink sweater - Express, thrifted
Black/white striped tee - Pouf Excellence, TJ Maxx
Black skinny pants - PINQUE, TJ Maxx
Black booties - Impo
Necklace, black bracelet - Old Navy 
Silver Bracelet, New York & Co.


So yes, my winter wardrobe got a healthy dose of the light and bright this week, and I plan to continue the trend!

Again, stop by tomorrow to get some quick ideas on how to bring your wardrobe out of its late winter slump with just 5 new easy-to-transition-to-spring pieces.

I'll be linking this post to What I Wore Wednesday and Real Momma, Real Style.  If you're here from there, be sure to comment and leave me a link to your WIWW post so I can come see What YOU Wore.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Can't wait, my wardrobe is definitely in a slump. I love the blazers/jackets but whenever I wear one I just can't put my finger on it but it doesn't look right on me...hmmm.

    1. YES! They can be tricky... what style are you wearing, and what's your body type?

  2. I have that pink polka dot sweater from old navy too. I like how you wore it with a blazer - I'm going to try that!

    1. It's such a fun sweater. I orginally wanted the navy blue with white polka dots, but it was sold out when I finally got around to it. But now I'm really glad I got the pink one. Enjoy!

  3. I like the pink over the black striped. I always pull back from mixing textures but I think you have inspired me to step out of that box a little now. ;-)

    1. Oh STEP ON OUT girl. Believe me I know that pull-back feeling. It's taken me 7 years to get out of my Solids Only coma since I quit working in the financial services sector. There, on the days that I was feeling really rebellious, I would bust out and wear a blazer and pant with a light pinstripe. GASP! Back then, bold stripes with a textured sweater would have made me feel like Bozo the clown.

  4. Love the pink over the black! I see why it made you feel perky. Great looks all week!

  5. So cute, of course! You look great in the polka dot sweater. I think I would feel silly in it. I would really like to find some good white jeans, but since I just spend some money on other things it will have to wait. Can't wait to read tomorrow!

  6. Darling. DARLING all over this post! No wonder things got a little heated on the Saint Valentine's Day. HOT MAMA.

    I adore that pink polka dot sweater. ADORE.

  7. I love the pink sweater over the black and white stripes!

  8. love the polka dot sweater. so cute and feminine!!