Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Mantle and Other Love Day Ideas


So nice to have a brand new month ahead of us. Like a fresh page in a crisp journal, awaiting what's to be written. So last month's mantle was all about minimalism after all the fancy-schmancy holiday hoopla. But not this month!  For the lovingest month of all of the loving months, I've gone comparatively gonzo with glitter and romance.

I know what you're thinking, and I'm thinking it too. I either need to move the heart hanging on the mirror over to the right, or get rid of the tulip picture altogether. And I will, I promise. Probably the former, because I love the tulip picture where it is.

 I just wanted to get these pictures up today because it's FEBRUARY and all, and time's a'wastin'.

(February's diem-challenged, you know. Can't afford to waste a single drop of its docked-two-days-at-the-outset goodness.)


A little cut-glass vase of roses (they're silk, so I just have to pretend the room smells like Grandaddy FriedOkra's backyard in June), a candle I picked up at the grocery store for 50% off, a candy jar full of cherry gummy hearts. Peabody doesn't dig 'em, and thus has given whole new meaning to the expression, "He chewed my heart up and spit it out."


This sparkle candle lost half of its sparkles when I pulled it out of its wrappings. Which explains why it was 75% off at Bed Bath and Beyond after Christmas (I always find great things for Valentine's Day on sale after Christmas.  Red is red, people.)

A little "HOME" plaque - so sweet with the hearts between the letters. And another candy jar full of chocolate kisses. Peabody does like these. A lot. All I can say is it's a good thing that child's not a dog. Because if he were a dog, he'd have died a thousand deaths by chocolate already. As it is he has died about three deaths by Mama today alone, thanks to the kisses.

(Birds from JoAnn, Be Mine plaque from HomeGoods.)

These are my personal favorite part of the whole thing. LOVE BIRDS! Bean walked in after I'd finished puttin' this together and exclaimed, "Mom, YOU ARE SO GOOD." And then she walked over to the love birds and inspected them carefully, rolled her eyes and said, "Don't even say it," and I said, "Say what?" and she said, "These BIRDS that are K-I-S-S-I-N-G are supposed to be YOU AND DADDY."

 See how well this one knows me?

(And she doesn't even TRY to touch the candy jars.)
This is why I love her best.  (Sarcastic little eye-rolling jerk. KISSKISSKISS.)

 And squeaking of kisses, we're going to make these lovable little mouslings that I found on Pinterest for all of the kids' classmates' Valentine's Day treats.

We were gonna make these I Dig You treats, but I couldn't figure out where to buy plastic shovels without buckets attached, and as creative (sometimes even constructively so!) a mind as I do possess, I just wasn't sure once I'd used the shovels what I'd then do with 36 the plastic buckets.

We made a scaled-down version of these for everyone last year.

If I weren't trying to lose weight, I'd be making a big batch of these Cherry Chocolate Kiss Cookies with all the leftover kisses from the mousling treats. Maybe I'll make them for the Superbowl party next weekend?

But at home, we'll be eating a lot of this. Hey, it's a pretty display, right?

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

If I sewed, or could convince my Mom to do it for me, I'd love to give each of my own sweet girl-friends one of these adorable hearts-on-a-clothesline pillows.  (Alas, they will have to live with my undying love and devotion with a side of crudite... as shown above.)

And lastly but not leastly, look at this cute idea for making your own Valentine (or any occasion - lots of possibilities) gift wrap.

Cute, huh? And easy. My favorite combination.

(If we were in highschool, I'd have had to move out of town

 if I'd said that outloud, you know? It's

good to be old.)



See what I mean?

Love y'all!  Happy FEB-ROO-ARY.

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  1. You're not digging deep enough into Pinterest. Fasten the buckets together with those cord doo hickeys, cable tie type thingamajigs and walla, a container for the kids toys. I pinned it on one of my boards I'm sure, try Stuff for the Kiddoes.

    Happy Hearts Month!

    1. Okay I found it on your Getting Organized board. Those are big cleaning buckets. The ones that come with the shovels are normally pretty small. But that is really neat. People are so clever, aren't they?

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  3. You're so fun. I don't really decorate for holidays other than Christmas. And we barely recognize Valentine's Day. Partly because our anniversary is two days later. But you are fun and I bet your family is so glad you like to do it up for the holiday. :)