Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Toothpaste on Your Toes?! 30 Simple Beauty Tips from

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

I found this nifty list of mostly new (and mostly very practical) beauty tips from make-up artists and beauty bloggers via Pinterest and wanted to share them with you.

Among the tips that caught my interest?  Using whitening toothpaste on my toes when polishes dull and yellow the nails, covering my pillow with a satin case to avoid snagging, tangling and breaking my hair when I sleep, and using dry shampoo at the roots to add texture and volume to my baby fine tresses.

A few things I already do, but was excited to see listed here?  Wearing sunscreen every day, popping my damp hair into a bun on days I don't have time (or desire) to do a bunch of styling, and creating my own tinted moisturizer by mixing a dollop of my foundation to my favorite face cream.

See any that pique your interest?  Let me know if you try one and love the results!

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  1. I do most of the same ones you do -- except now I cut out a step and just buy Clinique's tinted moisturizer. :o) I'm totally going to try the toothpaste tip! Thanks for this fun list.