Friday, February 10, 2012

Style Crush Friday: Packing Up Spring Break Beach Style

 It's POURING down snow outside my office window, so naturally I'm thinking about puttin' on my swim trunks and takin' a nice dip in the cement pond.

Spring Break Beach Style

Actually it won't be long before Al and the kids and I join a few friends for a trip to sunny (I hope), warm (I pray) Florida for spring break.  We haven't gone anywhere for spring break as a family since ... well ... ever, I think.  So when you couple a week of multi-family fun with the very real possibility of actually getting to expose parts of my frozen body to real, warm, Vitamin D-laden sunlight,  I'm pretty darned fired up about this trip.

My favorite travel style tip?  I like to stick with a basic 3 or 4 color theme when I pack because that helps me to keep it light while being confident that I can mix and match pieces to suit all sorts of occasions and activities.  And hopefully, I still never have to wear the same outfit twice unless I'm just really loving it that much.

I'll be packing a variety of easy tees, long and short sleeves, that will go with both the denim and the white jean, the neat tie-dyed skirt, and denim shorts. They'll also work as cover-ups with the black flattering black swim suit.  Although I'm also including a simple crochet-look swim-suit cover-up that would double as a going-out top with the cami, as well.

Speaking of which, the gold-trimmed cami top (wrong price point, but maybe I can find a similar one for less) with with jeans, denim shorts or the tie-dye skirt and either of the two jackets. The sandals and cropped jacket with the fun rose embellishment will dress it up, the flips and hoodie will bring it down to a very casual level. Dressed up, it's out-to-dinner wear, and dressed down it's perfect for a sunset stroll on the beach. (Dreamy sigh.)

The black silk Henley top paired with jeans and flip flops would be a soothing evening outfit for sitting on the porch with a glass of wine, but paired with the tie-dye skirt and the wedge sandals, it'd be awesome for dining al fresco at a nice restaurant on the water's edge.

I see the turquoise gingham top with white denim jeans and the sandals as my travel outfit, although I may chicken out and do jeans and my Converse sneaks with a tee-shirt and jacket ... It just depends on how brave I'm feeling.  I do often find myself at a flat-out run chasing Peabody in airports and/or wearing somebody's cranberry juice or Cheeto powder a few hours into a plane ride.

I'm also taking my sunnies, a few accessories like the turquoise multi-strand necklace, an awesome statement belt with a chunky turquoise buckle, and of course, a big old tote for the plane trip down and for getting all my necessities to and from the pool or beach.

I'll probably toss in a pair of white terry sweat pants and some sort of little comfy sundress as insurance policies against very cool or very warm weather.  Add those items to my list above and plenty of SPF 30 sunscreen, and I think I've got what I need to last a long, fun week surfside. What do you think?

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  1. I hope you are packing some comfy clothes for lounging, because Vacation is for lounging!!!

    Can't wait!!!

  2. Most of these are really comfy! And I did say "sweat pants!"

  3. Beautiful choices. Great colors! Tangerine is Pantone's 2012 color of the year. Aqua was another big pick for spring color as well. Think they called it cockatoo.