Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIWW: Black and Blues Without the Snooze

A great-fitting black v-neck t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans has to be one of my favorite combinations.  A definite go-to for my every day style, it's seasonless, timeless, ageless, and done right can be so flattering and subtly sexy, but done too often can be a bit of a snooze-fest.  So I wanted to see if I could achieve similar results by exploring some new but classic [and warm!] pairings of blues and blacks (plus some other neutrals, because there were a few items in my closet that desperately wanted me to wear them this week, even though they weren't black or blue.  You know how that goes, right?)

Simple Sparkle


Sweater - Garnet Hill, thrifted (!)
Jeans - Lucky Brand
Lace-up Oxford booties - MIA
Belt - ? 
Sapphire bracelet - gifted from Al and the kids this Christmas


I love the details on this Garnet Hill sweater.  
I also love that it cost $2.99 and still had its original tags.  Come to Mama!



Upper left:  A close-up of the sapphire bracelet.  I almost took this back and exchanged it for something "more practical."  When I first opened the box on Christmas morning, after fainting dead away, I thought "Gorgeous!  But so fancy, I could only wear it on special occasions."  The longer I held onto it though, the more I thought it would be the perfect pop of sparkle for a very simple outfit like this, where it gets to be the star.  
I think it works, do you?

Right: Peabody wanted a kiss mid-photo-sesson.  Who am I to say No?  
Besides, I've learned that saying no to a Cobb man is futile.

Just above: And a close-up of the lace-up oxford bootie.  
(So toasty-warm and a bit less clunky than a boot can be.)

Preppy con Cozy

Sweater - LOFT 
Striped shirt - Jones New York 
Jeans - Land's End 
Black Patent belt - Calvin Klein
Boots - Sorel 


This "scarf" is just a swath of animal print fabric I had left over after making this DIY wooden bead necklace in the fall (scroll down to about mid-page to see the necklace.) 
 I just tied it into a loose ascot around the collar of the shirt.


I switched to a black suede kitten-heel pump with a teeny bow on the toe (Kelly & Katie) after things dried up outside. 
Necklace - LOFT
Skirt?  Checks!


Skirt - Ann Taylor 
Gingham shirt - Ralph Lauren (Boy's shirt. Got it for $10 at Ross!) 
Grey v-neck sweater - Eddie Bauer 
Tights - Target 
Shoes - Circa by Joan & David 
Necklace - LOFT, Bracelets - Target, Old Navy 


I've always loved gingham.  So glad it's got a place in today's grown-up styles.  
Hoping to get Al to try a bit in his casual wardrobe soon.  He'd look positively dashing in it!

Corduroy Mère


Corduroy blazer - Land's End via Ross (major score for $11.99) 
T-shirt - Gap 
Jeans - Lucky Brand 
Animal print pumps - Bandolino 
Braided leather belt - thrifted 
Necklace - Target, Bangles - Old Navy


Yes, I still ended up in the black t-shirt and jeans I love, but just this one time, 
and I added the blazer and a fun shoe to give it extra warmth and a bit of sophistication.

Do you have a favorite combination that never fails to make you feel comfortable and cute?  Have you ever tried variations on that theme?  I had fun with this and found some outfits I loved and will wear again, for sure. 

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  1. all so super cute, you could make burlap look good!

  2. The last outfit is my favorite for sure. So perfect. I am craving some animal print shoes--flats or heels, haven't decided.

    I like the second outfit best with the pumps more than the boots. The boots seemed a little clunky for the rest of the outfit (also I am obsessed with shoes, as I'm sure you realize by now).

    White and denim is my favorite classic combination. I am forever on the hunt for the just right white shirt.

  3. SUPER Cute! Wow I love your style! I found you from the Pleated Poppy. Here's my less-than-inspired link up today:

    You did great, I'll definitely be back!

  4. Just wanted to tell you that you look adorable. I especially love the second and fourth outfits but you look great in all of them. Thanks for sharing- you're inspiring me to put some more effort into what I wear- and my 40-something self could use a little inspiration! ;)

  5. Great outfits! Love those oxford booties.

    1. Thanks! Yep they are fun! Little hard to walk in, in the snow, but you know ... small sacrifices! :)