Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIWW: Colors and Patterns and Textures, Oh My!

Do you read these two personal style blogs?

I've been really inspired by a couple AMAZING personal style blogs lately (I read a handful of them daily now and I am always looking for more, so let me know if you have one of your own or some favorites I could take a peek at!) I'd been keeping up with Kendi of Kendi Everyday for several months, and then sometime over the Christmas holidays I stumbled across I Am Khatu and pretty much died on the spot. I wanted to "pin" her whole blog (on Pinterest) then and there. Both of these ladies do unexpected and fabulous things with colors and textures and patterns. They also combine classic pieces with pops of trendy styles so that they each look beautifully elegant and put together, but also very current and chic.

If I had to define my own personal style, or my own personal style GOAL (it's important to have goals!), that's what I'd say I want to accomplish in my own wardrobe, though admittedly my looks tend to be more casual than theirs, as casual's where it's at in my line of work. And please note -- though I've described Kendi and Khatu both in the same ways, their two individual styles are each unique and fresh and so, so surprising with every new post I see. Please go check them out if you've never looked at their blogs. They are both so lovely!

With all that said, I've been inspired to infuse my outfits with more imaginative combinations of color and texture and patterns, all with an eye toward marrying a classic style with a smidge of trendiness.




Striped shirt, Old Navy (New arrival!)
Cargo pants, Target
Sweater, Target
Boots, Audrey Brooke
Arm Party (red bracelets), Target sale rack (Amazing deals on jewelry right now!)
Necklace - Something I've had fun experimenting with lately, a simple silver chain slung through a single gold bangle, viola!
Bag - Tommy Hilfiger




Leopard print blouse and navy cable sweater, Old Navy
Grey jeggings, Calvin Klein
Black suede booties, Impo
Necklace, Lia Sophia




Blush blouse, Old Navy
Sweater, Banana Republic, thrifted
(I am totally in love with the asymmetry of this sweater and how it lies when it's not buttoned all the way up. So different. Next time I wear it, I want to weave a satin ribbon through the diamond pattern and give it a hint of an empire waistline, with the bow of the ribbon placed in line with the buttons.)
Skinnies, Land's End
Sparkly ruffled flats, Chinese Laundry
Necklace & bracelet, White House Black Market




Wow, cool! Now that I look at it, this whole outfit is thrifted, except accessories and shoes!
Grey chevron tweed jacket, Ralph Lauren (in amazing condition and fits like it was made for me!), thrifted
Striped oxford shirt, Jones New York, thrifted
Grey wool vest, The Limited, thrifted
Red corduroys, LOFT, thrifted
Sparkle flats, Chinese Laundry
Bag, Brooks Bros.
Bracelet, New York & Co.

I think this last one is my favorite, actually. See any you liked?

I'll be linking this post up with What I Wore Wednesday and Real Momma, Real Style.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. My favorite outfit is the third one. So feminine and pretty.

    And I love your hair in the first picture! Love it! I am growing my hair out and if I could get it to look like that, I would finally be at peace with my hair!

  2. I love the outfit with the blush blouse. I love these me ideas for mixing my own wardrobe.

  3. Both links go to Kendi--no link to Khatu!

  4. I've been reading Kendi for almost a year now and LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I had not heard of Khatu though. HOORAY! Thanks for sharing her.

    Um, girl, you rocked it this week. The effort you made in mixing pattern and color is so evident and everything just POPS. Look at you! I hope you felt the hot mama vibe all week. I can't pick a favorite - you look extremely sassy and killer in all of them.

  5. My favorite is the asymmetrical sweater, too. :)

    Thanks for sharing what you're wearing. Even though my wardrobe is rather limited right now, maybe come June or July, when I'm wearing normal clothes again, I can be inspired! :)

  6. I love them all. But yeah, I have to say I really dig a totally thrifted outfit! I'm a Goodwill shopper myself and just love the name brand clothes I can get for next to nothing.

  7. you looked so cute all week. I think my fav is the second one. :)

  8. Amazing outfits, especially the one with the cheetah print! I'm visiting from What I Wore Wednesday and would love for you to join my ABC's of Style challenge at