Friday, January 20, 2012

Style Crushes: My Shopping Cart Runneth Over

I'm enjoying talking about daily style so much lately. I love looking at style blogs and window shopping around the internet. (It's much warmer than actually leaving my home and scurrying from store to store, plus I can pile a bunch of stuff up in my "Shopping Cart" then dump it at the door before I click away empty handed, having talked myself out of everything I thought I wanted, without ticking off any salespeople. Not that I'd know anything at all about second thoughts or last minute cart dumping or ticked-off salespeople, you understand. That is totally not something I do. Ever.)

Here are a few things I'm pushing around in my cyber-cart right now. My cart's pretty full of stuff for spring and summer and there's a simple explanation for that. It's because I'm COLD.

You gotta know my first item's gonna be shoes. These are pretty practical in contrast to the ones I've bought lately though, so I'm thinking I should go ahead and get them for that reason alone.  A girl needs a practical shoe.   Right?


These basic neutral pumps would work right now, in the very deeply dead, not-only-is-it-merely-dead-it's-really-quite-sincerely-dead winter, with black pants and a blazer or jacket, and then in spring, demurely peeking out the bottom of the pastel and jewel-toned jeans that are all over the place. And a neutral pump would really lend some "special occasion" class and style to simple and casual outfit you'd put on any day, like jeans and a cute striped top.

See what I mean? (And there are several different lovely iterations of this outfit to look at if you click on photo.)


And then there's these jeans:


Y'all, I'm determined to own and wear a white jean this summer. The ones pictured are J. Crew's matchstick jeans in white denim. Now I understand that a white jean can make an ample bottom look even ample-er, and that does give me a little trepidation, but I'm going to try some and see how it goes. And look, the model even has 'em on with neutral pumps!  J. Crew is obviously following my lead here.

Look at all the pretty skinny belts. These are from Ann Taylor. I haven't actually had worn one on my own body yet, so I'm not 100% sure I'll love the look on me, but I sure do like it on skinny little models and fashion bloggers.  


Speaking of Ann Taylor, I have my eye on this gorgeous leather tote. Wouldn't this be cute around town in May and June with the white jeans above and a simple button-up gingham or floral shirt with a pair of wedges or sandals? And it's roomy, and would last the rest of my life, I bet.  And if I buy now I can get it for 30% off.

 Listen to me talking myself into a $298 price tag. Clearly I've taken leave of my senses.

  Mmmm... but the smell of purse leather will do that to a girl.  Sigh.


And lastly, this felted wool jacket from Land's End, which OHMYGRANNY! appears to be completely sold out.


Now I'm totally kicking and I-told-you-so-ing myself. The minute I saw it in their most recent catalog, which was less than two weeks ago, I thought, That just is utterly adorable and everyone who sees it is going to have to have it! Self, you'd better order one now if you really want it, or you're gonna be flat out of luck.

And I didn't. And I was. Pooh!

But I will have one or two of these lovelies before the spring comes.

(Pay no attention to me!  I'm just going to wheel my cart over here re-e-e-eally close to the door, and try to decide which ones.)  

What are y'all drooling over for spring?

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  1. i have like 5 skinny belts in bright colors now. i can't stop buying them!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  2. This is what I am may change daily;-)

  3. I went mostly window shopping yesterday (I did buy two tops on sale at Old Navy). I am drawn to bright pink, because I tried on 3 shirts featuring the color at Macy's yesterday. It actually was warm here yesterday, and is today, which makes we want to shop for sure. I like spring/summer clothes so much more. I have white capris but I am also on the hunt for some good white jeans. And more belts.

  4. Ha! I love this post! I'm the same way, sometimes I just want to window shop and I know I'm annoying the salespeople when I want to try on a million things. Online window shopping is just the trick! Love that Lands End coat and the pumps.