Sunday, January 15, 2012

An Extra Marshmallows Kind of Day


At some point during this perfect day of deep blue sky, thrilled squeals and giggles, a million Let's-do-dat-'again!s and one-two-three-four grins-til-our-cheeks hurt, my heart exploded into a brilliant, sparkling cloud of hearts and flowers and kittens and puppies and honey and glitter, and I fell more deeply in love with these three people than I've ever been.

Bumping, curving, breathless rides down and down and down in pairs and threesomes; then Bean and Peabody waddled like ducklings back up the hill, time after time, in big fat coats and snow pants, and their cheeks rosied up just right.

And their hats? Magic hats, I think, that turned their kid-faces back to my babies' faces, just like that. On seeing them again, my happily-exploded heart melted back together, warm and soft and easy, made new by our bright, spirited today with a sprinkle of our soft, gentle yesterday.

And then we came home and cozied up to drink hot cocoa as the late afternoon sun filtered through the front windows.

And my cheeks still ache, and my smile just keeps fitting itself back into the curve it won't soon forget.

Hope you are having an amazing Sunday, y'all.

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  1. :)
    I love this and I especially love the title!

  2. great post! I know this feeling. :) I wish we had that sort of weekend. Instead....Sugar was sick and in bed the entire time. And we got a tiny bit of snow, which rarely happens, and she was too sick to care. boo hiss. was good to read about someone's joy. Thanks for sharing.