Thursday, January 12, 2012

And Then It Hit

The weather, it is a'comin.
My little prairie's about to get the weather spanking we all knew would come, in the end. But like I said, I'm ready for winter.

This morning I hopped out of the sack, stripped off the regular cotton sheets and threw on the brand new, freshly laundered flannel ones in preparation for All the Winter. One thing I can say about making a bed with flannel sheets: Girl, you betta get it right the first time!

I've got Peabody signed up to stay an extra hour or two at school today, and I'm going to spend four glorious laborious hours finally cleaning my now well-and-truly filthy house. While I'm cleaning, I'm going to lay a fire in the fireplace and enjoy watching the snow stack up outside all the windows. By tonight, we'll be all clean and cozy, and ready to climb into our beds, snuggle into our flannel sheets. And possibly literally never get out again. Not because we don't want to - because we CAIN'T!

I'm thrifty and I KNOW it.
After the discovery yesterday that my favorite outfit from the past week was a completely thrifted outfit, I was inspired to head out thrifting again and guess what? I found more amazing name brand things IN FANTASTIC CONDITION for oh, pretty much nothing. (I can't wait to show you some of it in upcoming WIWW posts!)

And Peabody found this. The minute we walked through the front door, he spotted The Clock (Although Peabody does not actually say clock; he says something unprintable. But since I knew he wasn't likely to be getting this worked up over a rooster, I surmised that he was referring to a time-piece), and his eyes lit up as if he'd caught his first heart-stopping glimpse of a shining, precious ruby amidst a tumble of forgettable stones on a riverbed. For once, he wasn't all scream-y and cry-ee about it. (If you scream and cry, Mama does not buy.) He was just ... earnest. Like he had connected with The Clock[sic] on a spiritual level. He remained calm and steadfast about wanting The Clock[sic] for about 45 minutes while I shopped.

So when I finished combing and scouring and trying on, we went up to the cash register, behind which The Clock[sic] sat shining brightly on the windowsill, and we earnestly asked the clerk if Dat Clock[sic] (don't worry, we were sure to point so there was no confusion] was for sale, and she said yes with a smile, and we made happy haste to claim it for our own and take it home with us.

The child woke us up TWICE in the night asking, Mama, where's my cloooooock[sic]?


What's your Thursday lookin' like?

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  1. That weather is expected here too. Peabody will be happy! Love his find too!

  2. Honestly I do not think Peabody could get any cuter if he tried! His treasure is pretty swell too. I love the idea of flannel sheets but the reality is that this menopausal women would just spontaneously combust in the middle of the night! Enjoy and happy snuggling :)

  3. We are finally getting some snow today too! Yay! :)

    I love his sweet little face AND his clock! You must have been his HERO when you let him get it. :)

  4. I love that he found a clock! How adorable is he holding? The waking you up in the middle of the night part, not quite as cute!

    Looking forward to seeing the other outfits you thrifted!

  5. So sweet.

    Million things. Crazy day. Sunny, but cold. Want to convert some thrifted skirts ($1.99 each) into maternity skirts if I get brave enough to handle the knit. Surprise dinner tonight with a friend from DC. Must make house remotely presentable. Must figure out what to make for dinner that didn't come in a yellow and blue box!

    So many want-tos. Too many need-tos. Not enough zzzzzs.

  6. Oh, Peabody! I expected some type of child's clock[sic]. How funny that this grownup-type clock[sic] excited him so. I'm in California, and I've had flannel sheets on my bed for a good two months. I get COLD. Go ahead and laugh.

  7. Awww! I am up right now because of this weather and all that loud wind and it just makes me nervous even though all of us are safe inside. I stocked up on food and we are ready for winter!


  8. We LOOOVVVE the thrift stores too! We save so much money and often end up with better-quality items than I'd be able to buy new. I'll be more daring to try something more trendy or buy something that's not an everyday item if it's only a few bucks, so that's always fun. And I like knowing how things will fit after a few washings!