Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: I Need New Pants Edition

Wednesday - Sitting at home all day waiting for the furnace guy to show up.
It was actually a very nice excuse to just stay home and be snuggly all day, as the weather was cold, grey and rainy and I was in the mood to drink tea and cuddle Peabody by the fire, which I did!

First, though, we walked Bean to the bus stop, in our WINTER CO-O-O-OATS. (shiver)
Oy. So soon?




What I'm Wearing

Charcoal A-line coat - Macy's (Al picked it out for me for Christmas many, many years ago.)
Teal v-neck top with ruffle - Ana, J. C. Penney's
Grey wool ruffle sweater - Talbot's (Is it Talbot's, or just Talbot? I can never remember. But I'm Southern, so I'm callin' it Talbot's 'cause that's my birth right.)
Boyfriend jeans, which look terrible here, may be time to retire these! Although it could just be that I had to dramatically alter the lighting, contrast and saturation on this photo so you could actually see me. It was DARK, even by the window. - Lucky Brand
Leopard print pointed-toe pumps - Bandolino, DSW
Circles necklace - Lia Sophia
Hair - Air dried, Bumble and Bumble Styling Lotion applied at roots, blow-dried at roots upside down, gathered in a half-twist in back and pinned. (Tried to get a shot of the back but didn't succeed, sorry!)


Thursday - Cleaned (yes, in this outfit this time! Because I didn't like the outfit enough to care, true story!), school run and a few quick stops here and there

Not crazy about this one, but I guess you gotta have a serious dud every once in awhile, right? Also, taking pictures was next to impossible as it was dark and gloomy all day long. Excuses, excuses! I almost didn't even post anything at all for this day, but there's something about the concept of this outfit that I like (a longer sweater, belted, cords, boots...) that I like and want to work with again, so I'm keeping a record of it. For me. And so YOU can see one of my "Don't let this happen to you!" looks!



What I'm Wearing

Blue striped cotton sweater - Merona, men's department, Target (yep, it's Al's, which may explain the linebacker shoulders and the bunchy waist-line.
White, collared shirt - Old Navy
Tan corduroy 5-pocket jeans - Land's End
Brown boots - (Yawn.) Audrey Brooke, DSW
Bangles - Old Navy


Friday - Hayride and crafts date with my sweet little Peabody at the Rec Center




What I'm Wearing

Orange duffle coat - Michael Kors, thrifted (Most of those pockets aren't even real pockets! They're "mockets." See, me? I think that's a little deceptive. I just felt like I needed to set the record straight.) (And while I'm confessing things I should also add this: I eat too much cheese.) (I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER NOW!)
Army green cargo pants - Merona, Target (too baggy... lost a few lbs since I bought them! Which, YAY! But also? Boo.)
Grey long-underwear shirt - Stolen from Al! Hanes (He said it looks better on me than it does on him and gave me his blessing.)
Scarf - No tag, T. J. Maxx
Ubiquitous brown boots - Audrey Brooke, DSW
Canvas bag - Land's End
Silver bunch of grapes pin - Gifted and just rediscovered in an old jewelry box I found hiding in the guest room closet ... SCORE!
Hair - Air dried, half up-do held back by a small claw-clip. (I was going for the fresh-scrubbed, natural look. Or else I was just being lazy. The world may never know.)


Saturday - Breakfast out, watching Clemson game, thrifting at My Best Friend's Closet

This is a second attempt at the belted sweater look and I like it much better than Thursday's outfit above.
(Al has entitled this outfit, "Oh, Canada." All day long he kept bursting into song when I'd walk into the room.)
(I call it "Wears Waldo.")
(Stop rollin' your eyes!)




What I'm Wearing

Red/white striped cotton sweater - Relativity, thrifted
Cream reversible quilted/furry vest - Last seen here, worn furry side out. Weatherproof Garment Company, Costco
Leather belt - DKNY, don't know where it came from
Necklace - Is a silver chain I got when I turned 16, on which I hung a silver maple leaf pin my Mom brought me back from Canada years ago. Leaf pin is turned over in the photos, so you are looking at the back. Boo!
Light blue cotton gauze scarf - Eddie Bauer
Boots - Yeah, those again.
Hair - Air dried, hot rollers, this time I used larger sections of hair on each roller to make it more swoopy and less curly, but I still got curly. The rollers are probably too small for a swoopy look.


Sunday - Laundry, football viewage and dinner with friends




What I'm Wearing

Light green corduroy blazer - Halston, thrifted (yesterday!)
Gray v-neck t-shirt - GAP
Jeans - Common Genes, J. C. Penney's
Floral scarf - Casual Corner (which will give you an idea of how old this baby is!)
Red purse - Kenneth Cole, T. J. Maxx
Brown suede shoes with velvet bow - Apostrophe, DSW
Silver tone chain belt worn as a necklace - No tag, thrifted
Hair - Air dried, and then I finally got my swoopiness by using some much larger velvet hot rollers I haven't used in ages.


Monday - Cleaned out the garage and did yard work.


What I Wore

(I'm too ashamed to say. Hee hee.) (Oh wait! I did actually put on a real outfit close to the end of the day so I could take Bean to her dance class without completely mortifying both of us. But it was dark and when we got home we were in a hurry to get everybody into bed, so I never took a picture. But I liked the outfit so I'll save it for next week and show you then.)


Tuesday - More of the cleaning/yard work stuff, so I wore my rag-a-muffin suit again.

I do have BIG PLANS to actually get dressed on Wednesday. Tune in next week to see if I did!


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  1. You're just so beautiful! I especially like the red and white striped jumper :-)
    This blog post title comes across eterribly differently in England though! ;-)

  2. I am sure you still fall somewhere between SUPER CUTE and STUNNING on the spectrum, even in your rag-a-muffin suit! ;)

  3. I've not commented on your clothing posts yet, but you definitely are a trendy chicka!

    I have only one (minor, although kind of important) criticism.

    As a co-Clemson fan, and the fact that we "Facebooked" during the game, how could you not wear something Orange? But in fact had on red, which is close enough to Gamecock colors to be "true to your school"?!?! (and I know your school is Furman, and purple works for Clemson too!

    Ok....I'm done... but hopefully made you smile!

  4. Okay, trying again.

    1) Darling. Always.

    2) I am a fan of posting outfits that you think didn't work because it's a good way to be objective about what makes you feel great and what doesn't. It's uncomfortable, but helpful. BTW, I think that second outfit is so cute and fall-tastic!

    3) I love how you put thought into how you've done your hair and your notes on make-up. I feel like I can only focus on one thing, so if I have put a lot of thought into my outfit, then my hair and make-up are bound to be the usual.

    4) Leopard print pumps. WANT.

  5. You are too pretty. Stop it. :-)

    you are also too kind...thank you for your encouraging comment on my blog. Every single word has been so helpful! Thank you!!!

  6. Love your red and white striped sweater paired with the vest and scarf! May have to copy that look if it ever gets cold here in Texas... :)