Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Finally Fall Edition

Wednesday - Out to lunch with a friend, Bunco with The Girls later




Black/white animal print shirt - Old Navy
Dark green lace-embellished cami - POOF!, T. J. Maxx
Jeans - Lucky Brand
Jewelry - Old Navy
Wooden-beaded necklace - DIY
Beige leather open-toe mule - Bass
Hair - Hot rollers, finger styled


Thursday - Cleaned (not in this outfit, again), school drop-off
(Basically after I cleaned, I took a shower and got dressed to stay home. And that's actually kinda good, because this outfit wasn't workin' for me for some reason.)




Grey floral swing tank with lace embellishments - Fun & Flirty, T. J. Maxx
(I lifted and pinned a small section of the top, from about 2/3rds of the way down on one side, up to just below the bodice with my grandmother's brooch, because otherwise the hemline hits me straight across, right at the widest part of my thigh, and that emphasizes width. Bringing it up lifted and broke up the hemline and brought the focus up to the narrowest part of my shape. Well, that was the idea, anyway. I'm not sure I accomplished that, exactly.)
Heather grey v-neck t-shirt - GAP
Skinny jeans - Land's End
Chain necklace - Charming Charlie
Heart brooch - Vintage (Grandmama FriedOkra)
Beaded grey/silver cuff bracelet - Can't remember (oops!)
Boots - Audrey Brooks, DSW
Hair - Tried sock bun curls (<----- awesome tutorial) for the first time. I loved the concept but I only kept the bun in for a few hours while I was cleaning, and then my hair got rained on while I was picking up Peabody at school.


Friday - Errands all over the place, followed by birthday shopping for Bean.




IMG_8909 IMG_8922

Pink angora cable-knit shawl-collared sweater - Limited Express, thrifted
Rose rib-knit cotton cami - Target
Denim skirt - Old Navy
Sparkly rhinestone necklace - White House/Black Market
Rhinestone/pearl-look earrings - DIY from buttons, made by my Mom about a hundred years ago
Silver Structure ring - Lia Sophia
Silver chain necklace wrapped around my wrist forty times - LOFT
Brown suede pump with velvet lacing/bow embellishment - Apostrophe, DSW
Brown tweed purse with leather strap and buckle - Indeed, thrifted
Hair - Washed, air-dried (except the front gets a little blow-dry action with a big round brush) and gathered in a low, loose bun in back
On Peabody - Carter's, head to toe


Saturday - Errands, lunch out with family
Day two of occasionally scary high winds, Al was home to take the pictures between massive gusts (he makes it seem like he's bored, but I think he secretly enjoys it because he always volunteers for the job.) We rushed through these before we got blown away. It was crazy out there! Plus I always rush through taking the pictures because I feel incredibly goofy and self-conscious about the whole thing. I'm always waiting for someone to pop out from behind something and laugh at me. True story.




Pale turquoise (is there a name for this color? And please don't say "seafoam green" or I'll croak) cowl-neck long cotton sweater - Land's End (via Sears)
Black leggings - Nike (Okay they're running tights, FINE! They look like leggings.)
Ivory quilted/faux fur reversible vest - no label, Costco
Braided leather belt - no brand, thrifted
Turquoise mock-eel clutch - DSW
Leather paddock boots - Audrey Brooke, DSW
Heart pendant, gold tone bangles - Old Navy
Hair - hot rollers, finger-styled
Lovely Black Pearl sedan growing out of my head and neck in shot #2 - Toyota Camry, vintage


Sunday - Quick run to grocery store for birthday cupcake-making supplies, laundry. Another day of high winds. I was nearly strangled by my own scarf going from the car to the grocery store that morning! So Al took pictures inside. (Otherwise this would have been What Cousin It Wore Wednesday.)




Multi-tone grey long cardi and printed silk cami (under sweater) - GAP
Light blue v-neck sweatshirt sweater - Eddie Bauer
Scarf - Macrame, T. J. Maxx
Grey skinny jeans- jeggings - Calvin Klein, T. J. Maxx
Black suede booties - Impo, DSW
Heather grey wool socks - L. L. Bean (from Santa, last Christmas.)
Hair - Air dried and straightened with straightening iron, then finished with Bumble and Bumble Grooming Creme, which is pretty much magic in a tube for sleek styles like this one.


Monday - Peabody's music class, one more birthday errand, cupcake-baking and after school gathering for Bean's birthday
Ohmygranny! Cah-RAZY day... I don't think I sat down all day long. The wind was still whipping like mad outside (seriously, parts of me are beginning to erode here) and I didn't have anyone to take pictures for me, so I just did what I could as quickly as possible. Don't I look so overjoyed? What is UP with these facial expressions? I actually really loved this outfit and felt quite good in it... I've always been a huge fan of the boot cut jean over the boot look. It makes me feel strong and confident and a little bit like I could kick some .... um ... well, anyway. Let's just say I needed that feeling today!




Black/white striped long sleeve cotton jersey tee - POOF EXCELLENCE, T. J. Maxx
(Same shirt worn over a black dress and under a denim jacket here.)
Camel/gold flecked cropped cardi with satin bow tie - Liz Lange Maternity, although I didn't own it for either pregnancy and I bought it fully knowing I'll never be pregnant again. I just liked it, and it's cropped! What part of it has to fit over a baby bump?
Jeans - Lucky Brand
Brown boots - Same old Audrey Brooke paddock boots from DSW
Red purse - Kenneth Cole, T. J. Maxx
Chain necklace - Charming Charlie (and it is totally making me itchy, unfortunately.)
Hair - Air dried while out walking this morning, hot curlers, finger-styled and then blown to smithereens by this insane wind!)


Tuesday - Errands, breakfast with The Girls
Oh, it's on. Fall is officially here. When I woke up this morning it was forty-sumpm outside, and since I haven't bothered to turn the furnace on, it was in the low, low, low, low, low sixties inside. The shower experience was a bit on the shivery side! Heat is on now! So but all that means I can dig into my tights! And my sweaters! And that makes me happy. For now, anyway. Ask me how I feel about sweaters and tights in February. On second thought, don't.




Blue and grey gathered-sleeve wool/angora Fair Isle-ish sweater - Aphorism, T. J. Maxx
Denim skirt - My favorite denim skirt EVER - Old Navy
Off-white tights - DSW
Pale blue scarf (cotton, and sooooo comfy and warm and not itchy) - Eddie Bauer
Boots - Audrey Brooke, DSW
Brown quilted mandarin-collar jacket which was last worn here, with skinny jeans and a floral shirt over a tank top - Merona, Target
Hair - Air dried, hot rollers, finger-styled
Lipstick: I keep wanting to call it "Michael Jackson orange." It's a new, totally outrageously uncharacteristic color for me. I wanted something bright to pop with all my greys and blues, and I feel like it's okay to do a bit of a bolder lip color than I've done in the past since I rarely wear eyeshadow anymore. (I will say that I like this color in person way more than I do in these photos.) - L'Oreal Colour Riche Compelling Coral #402, worn here with a cocoa butter lip treatment underneath.


I'll be linking this post tomorrow to What I Wore Wednesday which is hosted by The Pleated Poppy.


I still feel extremely goofy about these posts! But I'm doing them because I LIKE that they make me look forward to getting dressed every day. And I TRULY LOVE seeing what other women wear, and how they put things together, and how ... just ... pretty women are, and honest, and cute, and fun and smart and candid and clever and creative and how all of that translates into their unique styles.

And I'm this woman, right? This normal woman, this perfect and flawed and real and imagined woman, like all of those women are (right?) and so ... I can work all the things that I am into a style, too. And be proud of that style.

And so I guess I'll just do this and try to stop feeling goofy, and avoid feeling compelled to justify it any other way.

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  1. Okay, all of these outfits are fabulous - seriously, you have an amazing fashion sense! I especially love Friday and Tuesday!

  2. I love that you are doing this! It is so fun. I don't even do it because I have no one to take pictures by the time I get dressed most days and really bad light if I were to try to take them myself.

    I like the pink sweater outfit best, but I think next time you should wear it with your brown boots.

  3. I wish I could pay you to dress me. If I looked even half as good as you do on days when you think an outfit "isn't working" for you, I would be GOLDEN.

    You look fabulous!! I am not just being nice because I luuurve you (even though I do), either. I mean it; you are model material. xoxo

  4. WOW!! You are gorgeous!! And so stylish!
    I'm 19, and I wish I had as good a sense of fashion as you!! :D

  5. Girl - your poses. AWESOME. I am seriously so inspired. I feel like I am always doing some version of hands-on-hips, grin at the camera. I am going to study your posing so I can WERQ next week.

    All of these are mondo darling. I also love the pink angora best. I actually gasped when I saw it. But you are incredibly divine in every single shot!

    I'm glad you are doing this too and AMEN to your last three paragraphs. I guess I am feeling a little less ... apologetic? ... with each outfit post. It really helps to be part of a bigger group of women showing pieces of themselves in this way.

  6. So...I'm loving all of your outfits, the layers, the boots, the hip-casual style, the vests--all of it!

    I can't wait until we have boot & scarf weather here in TX.

    The soft pink and not seafoam green are super flattering on you.

    I need to take posing tips from you--I always stand the same way, ugh, and feel silly. AND you're inspiring me to grow my hair out so I can try different styles like you--love how you're sharing that.

    I agree that WIWW can feel a bit silly or awkward or superficial, but then again getting ourselves together helps us feel better and act better--schlumpy is as schlumpy does. The sharing together is encouraging and fun, so win-win.

  7. Nothin' goofy about it. You're gaw-geous. Plus, I don't care if I am staying in all day, my family deserves my best. So I'm a big believer in getting dressed for my day. Good for you!

  8. I love all your outfits but I especially LOVE those boots! They are beautiful! Thanks for the comment - I might have to try the stripes thing! :) Have a great Wednesday!

  9. Love this! So inspiring. Please, please keep it up!


  10. You are so pretty! I love that you play bunco... fun!! You look beautiful in pink and I love you tunic and boots! I need some brown boots! :)

  11. Great outfits. Love that fun animal print blouse. I totally relate to feeling goofy about doing this, but I learn so much from it!

  12. Love these outfits, and you are so good at coming up with different poses. It is really fun.

  13. Beautiful outfits. I have a lot to learn from you. Thank you!