Monday, April 18, 2011

What It Sounds Like When a Two Year Old Capitulates

Last Friday, Peabody and I had one of those lazy pajama mornings that I love to hate/hate to love, and when lunchtime rolled around I yawned out, "Whaddaya want for lunch, love-buggie?"

"Nanno n cheeee!" he gleefully responded. (Macaroni and cheese, of COURSE.)

Since we didn't have all the fixins' for nanno n chee on hand, I dressed myself in real clothes from the waist down, covered my pajama shirt with a fleece pullover, tossed the boy in his carseat and the two of us set out for the tiny grocery store around the corner.

Lately when we're out driving around, Peabody keeps up constant chatter about everything he sees out the window as it goes by and I'll confess, I really love hearing his little chipmunky voice but I don't always pay the strictest attention to what he's sayin'. I'm hearin', as they say, but not LIST'NIN'. And so he'd been talking for a minute or two about something before I realized he needed my input when I heard his seeking, "Wight, Mama?"

"Mmm hmmm ... Hmmm? Oh hold on! Wait, say that again, Peabod."

"Dat CAR YA (car wash - he LOVES the car wash) oh-er dere. Mmp go a car ya, Mama? Go a car ya? Leeeeeeeeeeeeez, Mama, leeeeeeez?"

"Yes!" I said, "That's the car wash, buddy-bear. But right now we're going to the grocery store to buy you some noodles and then we're going home to make macaroni and cheese to eat for lunch and I'm gonna let you stir-stir-stir! We'll go to the car wash another time."

"Mmp go CAR YA!"

"Later Peabody. Maybe Daddy will take you to the car wash tomorrow. Right now we need to go get our things and have our lunch."

And it got really quiet. I thought he was probably gearing up to rip into one of his crying, tantrumming melt-downs but instead, the silence was finally broken with a resigned, "Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Memmermiiiiind car ya."


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  1. Those capitulations don't happen often - enjoy!

  2. SO cute. And what a big boy, to take in his disappointment and cope with it.

    My son is almost 2 (wait, what?!?) and he's starting to say some of the cutest things. I love getting glimpses of how his little brain works! His bedtime prayer, recited after me, sounds like, "Gup gup, Gah. Luh ya, Gah. Ni-nih, Gah. Seesus nem. MAAAAmen." (Thank you, God. I love you, God. Night-night, God. In Jesus' Name, Amen.)

  3. :) this gave me a smile. what a cutie patootie. :)

  4. Oh forgive me for sounding like a broken record here, but

    LOVE HIM!!!

    Just so precious! *sigh*

  5. He is so sweet Megan. What a precious little boy you have on your hands.

  6. Sweet boy. No wonder mamas have a connection with their male children.

  7. How cute! My son is 10 and not nearly as sweet. I'm kidding...he's still sweet...just a little smelly. :)