Friday, April 15, 2011

on distance

I'm amazed at how much people can write, and coherently, too, in five minutes!

I didn't type a single letter until my timer had already zipped off over a minute and a half. A time-limit like that seems to stymie my creative flow. (Heaven knows I'm never normally short of words!)

But distance is a constant theme in my life, with my family and roots nearly a thousand miles away, my husband driving an hour and a half each way to work and back, and oh, then there's this graceless, toxic grey distance in which I encrust myself when the sunshine-and-shadow-play of human vulnerability lays me too bare for a day.

So I wanted to open the tap on distance and see what might begin to trickle out.


the distance between two souls is elastic.

my bosom-friends live across the ocean and across the river and across the country, but stay as close as a pillow to an ear, and wrap around my life like the softest blanket.

and here, practically in my pocket, women live their lives and carry their burdens and laugh and love in the next rooms over, yet remain far away as diamond stars.


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  1. Hi! I linked up after you so I'm just stopping by for a visit. It is so true about people being close no matter the physical distance. And at times I've never been so lonely than when I was surrounded by many.

    I hope today you feel the presence of God so very near to you and your heart know no distance!

    Blessings from Idaho!

  2. Oh so true!

    Thank you for sharing this, even if it did take you a minute and half to find the first word. :)

    (I HAD to come by your blog when I saw the name - fried okra is this Southern girl's favorite food.)

  3. It is so true. Miles don't determine distance - really. Wow. Wish I thought of that when my timer went off and I hadn't come up with anything! :) Kidding. But, I know how you feel there, too! Thanks for those ever so real and true words.

  4. Oh honey, I GET that!! I feel so much distance between myself and some of my "closest" friends these days. It's so weird.

  5. I love your turn of phrase! And I love the name of your blog - being born and raised in the South, fried okra is one of my all-time favorites. And, sadly, misunderstood by most of the country. I too lived in the midwest for a while. And, I must admit, couldn't limp back South fast enough. Still not South enough, but close enough for now. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on distance this Friday - I'll check back next week if you link in again - Smiles -

  6. The distance between two souls is elastic. Beautiful. True.

  7. Entirely too much distance btw us of late, GF. Meet ya at Claim Jumpers in May?

  8. Love the way you put that distance is elastic... Thats how it is in blog land for sure.