Thursday, March 3, 2011

Go Say YES.

What did you say NO recently to that a part of you really thought might be great, (your heart said HEY NEAT LET'S DO THAT!) but decided against saying Yes because of your fear of failure, or fear of awkwardness, or fear of rejection, or fear of the unknown (your head said ARE YOU CRAZY? or maybe just NAAAAAH.)

What was it?


Hey! Guess what? Your heart might be right. Let her talk a little longer. Disengage your brain and let your heart, your soul, the part of you who's still allowed to dream, imagine and wonder, speak to you. She's there for a reason, that little voice who's urging you to go try something new, something out of your comfort zone, something exciting that will open you to new possibilities, new friendships, new inspiration, new everything.


Learn to shut down the negativity that tells you You couldn't make it. You can't get there. You shouldn't do such a thing. (That one you may want to give a share of your earspace if there are legal or moral implications involved in what your heart wants to do). You'd never be able to pull that off ... They'd laugh at you... You wouldn't fit in... What if they don't like me ...


Learn, by this new experience you're going to say Yes to, that trying and succeeding will delight you, fill you with an amazing sense of accomplishment and pride, and give you more confidence to try the next thing. Or that trying and failing will make you stronger, not weaker. (But really? There's no such thing as failure. There's only new experience that teaches, if you're willing to learn and not give up.)


Grow yourself through stretching and trying and busting through all of your fear and doubt and negativity. Grow yourself by proving your internal nay-sayers wrong. Grow yourself by learning that YOU are bigger, tougher, braver, smarter, stronger, than you've ever believed. Grow by exposing yourself to other people who will believe in you, too. Grow yourself because you ARE capable and worthy.

Go do it.

Go say YES.

This one time. I promise you will never regret it. And you will say YES again because of it. There'll be a whole happy YES chain reaction.

I promise!

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  1. Megan,
    Thanks for this! I heard a sermon at church last May on this very thing and it's turned my world on a dime. Short version was that I had headed back to school to follow a career path that was 'okay' but not my big dream. After the sermon I decided to give some thought to the big dream and received confirmation that I should follow that one instead from five different, reliable sources so I am now proud to say that I am ten weeks away from completing all my pre-reqs and applying for the next level of the big dream! Sometimes when we just get out of our own way amazing things can take place :)

  2. Tami, I don't know you but YAY, YOU GO GIRL!!! :D Good for you!

    I love this post, Megan! All of it, but especially this bit:

    "There's no such thing as failure. There's only new experience that teaches, if you're willing to learn and not give up."

    I need that printed and laminated, stat! ;) I need reminding of it OFTEN. Great stuff! :)

  3. Good advice, its hard to get out of our comfort zones!!!