Thursday, February 24, 2011





I cannot get my children well! This is the windowsill where all the medicines and medicine cups and thermometers and droppers continue to pile up as we fight off one common childhood illness after another. I'm trying very hard to maintain my perspective because of course I know that things could be very much worse.


And ... I was going to say But ... and then whine for awhile. (I'll admit it, I feel extra-spectacularly whiny inside!)

But ... instead, I'll stop short. Consciously control my quickly-downward-spiraling thought-patterns.

(Vigorously hoists up sagging Megan-spirit, tugging - quite fabulous, by the way - bootstraps.)

Things could be very much worse. This is my kitchen windowsill, not a window ledge at a children's hospital. These are just over- the-counter pain remedies and some antibiotics, not chemo drugs or scary anesthetics to quiet my babies' bodies for some invasive procedure or another. My children, sick though they were, lay (fairly) peacefully upstairs in their own beds last night, tucked in warmly and cozily by their Dad and me. We didn't even have to climb over side rails or fight through any tubes or wires or IVs to kiss and hug them Goodnight.

And we'll all sleep here in our own beds again tonight, them in theirs, and Al and I together in ours.

Yeah. Now that? That's Enough.

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  1. You know i feel for you, we're going through the exact same at the moment. DH is back on antibiotics again just as the rest of us are finishing ours :(

    but..... today the sun is shining and I really do feel that if we can get some sun and some warmth we can all get past this. Spring will help both our families I think sweetheart.


  2. I just nodded in agreement reading your post. Boy have I been there...even though my son and daughter have struggled with some pretty serious medical issues and my son was hospitalized in the PICU for a few days after his 3rd birthday, it could ALWAYS be SO much worst. And although there are days that I whine about having to leave work for the billionth time because he has pink eye every other week (or so it seems), my gosh, it's NOTHING compared to others. NOTHING! I pray every morning when I wake up that we are home, we are together, etc. because SO many people aren't afforded that luxury, as you well know.

    Love and prayers for everyone to return to health! :)

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  4. I looked at your windowsill and thought I was looking at mine. Stomach Flu, RSV, Common Cold, Sinus Infections and we've got more bottles of steroids than should be allowed out of a pharmacy. Will spring time ever get here?

  5. beautifully said. ♥ I've been wanting to whine that Sugar has a mild cold and I'm freaking out because we are going to Disneyland for the first time next tuesday...and I don't want either of us to be sick....and blah...blah...blah. get over it, corey!

  6. Well said . . . exactly what I've been saying for weeks. And praying that my new little infant stays healthy amidst all the crazy germs floatin' around here. Bring on spring and summer!!!!

  7. Oh goodness, I hope she does too Summer! Yikes!

  8. Megan, honey, I feel ya. Hang on just a few more days and maybe the cycle will break! Here's to you!

  9. Oh, its so hard to see the kiddos not feeling well, but hang in there they do heal fast, and like you said they are just fighting the common ordinary germs that kids get, not the extreme illness..Your sweet mothering well pull them through!!!

  10. Way to look for the positives!

    Have you tried Oil of Oregano? It tastes horrible, but works wonders for the immune system. I have a few friends who swear by it.

  11. Yes. Exactly.

    It's hard WORK to focus on the good sometimes. But it's worth it.

  12. I am so ready for February to be over . . . we've had our share of sick days this month too. I do the same thing you do: when my three are sick, I think of all the parents watching over kids in the hospital. Hope March clears off that windowsill . . .
    Hugs to the four of you!

  13. I hear and feel you sister! We had the worst fall/early winter with one thing after another. I thought we we're over it and when I was having the baby, husband got Strep! Now it looks like our cycle will start again. Sigh.

    You are right, it could be so much worse, I will hold onto that.