Friday, February 11, 2011


Just me.

It occurs to me that as I get older, I hate pictures of myself less and less. I see my "flaws" and age creeping in, but I know me better now, and I know that inside and underneath lies a heart that is true - one that still breaks maybe a little bit too easily, but loves quickly and earnestly and without hesitation - and a soul growing ever wiser and more patient by the day (most days), honed by her Creator, worn faded, velvety-smooth and pliable by the gentle tumbling of her life.

I can forgive a few crows feet and a saggy neck on this woman who is as softly becoming herself as she is, inevitably, slowly fading. It's my prayer that the girls I love, my daughter, my nieces, my beautiful friends in their 20s and 30s, learn this forgiveness earlier in their lives than I have.

Or better yet, that they will never learn to see a single thing that needs forgiving.

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  1. I can never see flaws in photos of you, only beauty :)

    But I love the sentiment of this post and hope that I too learn to love my flaws as I age.

  2. What a beautiful post! I teared up! Thanks for writing it.

  3. This is BEAUTIFUL, Megan. Such a lovely photo of you, and you described yourself so beautifully. I LOVE to see women not flapping around in a daft manner about physical signs of ageing! This post just made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I reckon I love you that little bit more for knowing you that little bit better.

    I have 4 grey hairs since Samuel was born - my first 4 in fact! They sit together on top of my head and I smile and feel relaxed about who I am and where I'm heading in life every single time I lay eyes on them in the mirror as I wash my hands or brush my teeth :)

    I completely love this post! xxxx

  4. So good to see you, and as you know...I've been posting pics of myself a lot lately...and it gets easier and easier. I mean much easier.
    I relate to much to what you've said in this post. I do feel more comfortable in my skin as I've gotten older.

  5. Yes, Corey, and your photos have inspired me in their honesty and beauty! Thanks for being bold and brave. And lovely.

  6. perfect. i've been learning this as well... and i wish this for my daughters as well.

  7. I needed this post right now... Thank you so much!

  8. hello, gorgeous. you are so beautiful.

    totally agree on the thoughts here. this age is a wonderful place to be.

  9. Oh I love this too! Makes me wonder why I don't hang our here more often :) Oh yeh, no time to read blogs...but I'll make sure to get back more often cause this is good stuff.

    I put this in our current magazine:
    The thing that is really hard and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself. Anne Quindlan


    In all the ways that count. And the wrapping is lovely too. :)