Friday, January 7, 2011

Many Little Things of Varying Degrees of Significance

1. I loved Steph's post i hate it when i fall up the stairs today. (I always love her posts, but I loved this one especially much because I totally relate to a gigantic chunk of it.) How is it that (so many, judging from the comments on her post) people can feel almost the exact same way and yet fail to connect their common dots? One of life's somewhat tragic little ironies. But rectified, here.

I consider myself blessed and surrounded by awesome friends yet in the same breath I start to feel insecure and wonder why anyone would have me. And why does my inbox have an echo? And my mind starts to go there and then I feel so alone. It's so silly because it can't be true.


-- Steph (Adventures in Babywearing)

Go read the rest!

2. The small version of my 365 photos weren't making me happy, and I'm not ready for a blog re-design yet, so I rigged up this bare-bones box of a blog, all stripped-down like a stolen Chevy, and I'll post the bigguns there, if you're ever in the mood to see mediocrity in MUCH! GREATER! DETAIL! There's also a link over there ------> for yer clickin' enjoyment, any time you like!

3. I triple-fantastic-over-the-moon-love this song and I absolutely dare you to listen to it and not smile! Especially when you get a load of the precious new fluffy baby fox that has affixed itself to Art Garfunkel's head.

I wish y'all a groovy Friday!

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  1. I came across your blog a few years ago when it was linked to a friend of mine's family blog. I was brand new the the whole blog thing and found your writing captivating. I come back and check it often and always feel better when I leave. Thank you for your honesty, candor, and humor. A new post from you always puts a smile on my face.

  2. You will come and live with me, The Mama, no? And talk to me this way all the time? I will have your room ready.

  3. From the picture in your header to Feelin' Groovy...I'm smitten with your blog!
    Nice to meet you! Kate

  4. I was going to email you and say: I think I'd like to frame your comment you left there...

    Thank you. It feels good, that validation... :)


  5. Resonating both your and Steph's posts. Along with a little dash of a 31 devotional I read yesterday. Thanks for always sharing.

  6. Will have to read Steph's but first wanted to say how cool your 365 blog is. Great pics!

  7. Oh yeah, I LOVE me some S&G! I did smile and I had a lovely Friday. I hope you did too! PS You are an awesome writer and story-teller - I enjoy your blog so much.

  8. Thanks, Lora! :) I'm so glad you smiled and that your Friday was lovely! And thanks for the encouragement, too. You made ME smile, too.

  9. I loved her post, your post, and that song. Happy Weekend!

  10. Man, Simon and Garfunkle are my teen years. My very favorite song from them is Bridge Over Troubled Water. I have some very intimate memories associated with that song. thanks for takin me back there.