Monday, January 31, 2011

FriedOkra's 365 Project, Day 31

Working on my 365 Project this month has brought me so much unexpected joy. I'm not an expert photographer, by any means, but there's much more to it than that, to me. In these first 31 days, I've found that the project allows me to learn and express things about myself in a way that asks for creativity as well as discipline -- a unique marriage, at least in my world.

I'm more proud of the quality of a few photos than that of others, but overall I'm just thankful to have images of some of the things that have inspired me, made me happy, or caused me to stop and examine the world around me more closely, whether visually or spiritually or both, all month long.

(Clicking anywhere on this collage will take you to the larger images I'm posting at my 365 Project blog.)

One more photo to take this month, and then I move on and begin to photograph February!

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  1. You do yourself a dis-service my dear, I think your photographs are worthy of any professional photographer I know!

    I love the photograph of the kiss, it reminds me of something I once read that said that a parent can tell if their child has a fever just by kissing them on the forehead, no thermometre needed :)

    My favourite though HAS to be the note because I read it as "I Jove u" ;)

  2. I wish:
    That I had started a project like this on Jan 1.
    That I took photographs as well as you do.
    That your children will start feeling better soon.

  3. Thanks Jemma - Yes, that's how I read it too! Makes me think of Jove every time I look at the photo.

    LOL Hat Chick - You can start yours tomorrow. 365 days are 365 days, no matter WHEN you start! And thank you. And honestly, I really think anyone could take very nice pictures. Cameras do all the thinking for you, these days. Otherwise mine would all be lousy, trust me!

  4. I think doing the photo blog has made me so much more alert to the beauty around me. The problem is I always want to stop and take pictures!
    I love your pictures in a group - they would look neat framed that way!

  5. I knew I was going to regret not doing this...I like how you shoot things that are meaningful to you. And it's anything! When I first considered doing this, I thought the pics had to be of the kids. Taking pictures of things - anything - that triggers a memory is wonderful.