Thursday, January 6, 2011

FriedOkra's 365 for 2011: Photos 1-4

Hey! Missed y'all!

I'm doing a 365 project this year which means on Thursdays I'll be regaling you with my sub-par attempts at faincy photography - one for every day of the week. I started New Year's Day and I'm already enjoying the heck out of how it makes me really LOOOOOOOOOOK around harder than ever to see what around me is beautiful, or interesting, or meaningful, or funny, or whatever. My camera's even more a constant companion than ever, too. Case in point, when I went to lunch with the girls on Tuesday, I arrived fully accessorized by Canon. Well the girls wasted no time in pointing out, Megan you look like a Japanese tourist.

Hey, I'm okay with that. I played a tourist in my high school's 1984 production of South Pacific and I have to tell you, I ROCKED it. For every one of the 11 seconds I was on stage. With my bugged out eyes and my amazed gasp and my chest-clutch and completely improvised slightly startled half-step back.

(Acting is Reacting, my friends.)

Those girls are incredibly lucky they had the opportunity to witness the reprise of my performance.

Look. We live in the sticks. You have to appreciate live theatre when you can get it, people.

Also, if I hadn't had my camera, we wouldn't have captured THIS precious moment to enjoy for many years hence, now would we?


Here are my shots, though, from January 1 up to yesterday. Prepare to be underwhelmed!


Saturday January 1 - Cozy. I decided in December to make a few of the simple, tied fleece blankets, and finished this one for our new "cozy room" just in time to enjoy it on a sleepy, lazy New Years Day at home with Al and the kids. I love the colors and the pattern, and I imagined so much snuggling - all of us - as I tied each knot.


Sunday January 2 - Saying Goodbye. We un-decorated in the afternoon, but as I spent the (sunny) morning with the kids in the family room, I enjoyed the tree and lights and ornaments for a few more hours. Sniffle! I'll miss it.


Monday January 3 - The Leftovers. All of our other Christmas decorations are down as of yesterday, but I asked Al to leave these lights up so I can enjoy them from my kitchen windows at night. We had a few very warm days last week and all of the snow has melted, so everything is dull, drab brown, but I loved seeing the many strands of lights and these fading red crabapples, still managing to look almost lively and festive up close.


Tuesday January 4 - Concentration. After Bean's first day back at school yesterday, she's re-focusing on reading, reading, reading! Watching a child learn to read has been a close second favorite to watching one learn to talk. (I'm lucky enough to have BOTH going on in my house right now). I've learned so much about how her mind works, what motivates her, and HOW she learns.


Wednesday January 5 - Breathe. One of my favorite times of each day. We've just tucked both kids into bed, and Al and I walk down stairs together and finish getting our dinner ready. He pours our drinks, and I serve the plates, and we meet at the table and SIT DOWN, which always feels so heavenly after those crazy, chaotic afternoon hours, packed too full with snack, homework, tired little people and their steadily declining moods, dinner preparation, mealtime and bathtime. Seven forty is the evening sweet-spot at my house. God bless you, seven forty!

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  1. I needed this entry right now! Some of the shots took my breath away, I love it!!

    That first photo is TOO cute! And I *always* look like a tourist! I get lots of comments from people whenever I don't bring my camera somewhere, haha. I usually have the DSLR and a P&S with me! It embarrasses Kent (and even the kids now!) sometimes but I don't care. :)

    I am getting excited to do my 365 starting February 5th. I am going to *try* to do ALL manual, but I doubt it will happen. I do about half/half right now. Did you do these in manual? They are great, Megan, not sub-par - don't be so hard on yourself. You're good!!

    P.S. Outside Christmas lights up in January are one of my pet peeves, but I think I am in the minority!!

  2. I've done a 365 blog for 2 years now. The first year I did it faithfully every day. Now I post every few days. It's helped me see beauty around me that I wouldn't have noticed. Have fun!

  3. woo hoo! I'm so excited to see you doing this. :) what fun!

    We have the same book that Bean is reading. ♥ I love watching Sugar learn to read as well. She has lost some of her desire though. I need to find a solution to that. I so hope that she ends up being a lover of reading.

  4. Love the mouthful of strawberry photo! And I'm jealous that all your kids are in bed at 7:30!! I really enjoy my two oldest kids, but I do miss the feeling of having 2 hours of grown-up time at the end of the day (before I'm too tired to enjoy them!).

  5. I am seriously THRILLED you are doing a 365 project. I cannot wait to see more of your gorgeous family!

    (I'm sorta doing one, too, just kind of secretly on my Flickr. Secretly because I *know* I won't keep it up.)

    Also, the emerging readerness of our girls is SO THRILLING. As a fanatical reader, it is pure delight to see my child discovering reading on her own. Bliss!

  6. I had SUCH lofty goals of doing a 365 after Sprout was born. "I'm gonna photograph her each day for the first year of her little life. She is NOT going to be the typical second child who never gets her picture taken. Nope, not my Sproutling." Hmph...yeah right. I failed at about Day 11. :o)
    Good luck, I know you can do it! :o)