Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Dad Reads the Blog So I'm Not Going to Spell It Out Any Clearer Than That



I snapped at the kids about a million times this morning and in between, I was sarcastic and snotty. I haven't even the thinnest veneer of patience today. Heck, I've been employing Preemptive Snark with them before they even do or say ANYTHING.


And I really hate myself for that. I've apologized, but even the apologies have been that kind of a put-out, irritated, because-I-know-I-have-to I'm sorry I .... but you two are just (insert mean accusation here) today apologies. The kind of apology that adds insult to injury, really.

My kids deserve better. My family deserves better. I hate hating myself, and even *I* deserve better!

So I need an instant!! attitude!! adjustment!! As in NOW! I've decided how to do it, too.

I'm writing quick list of great things about this day (great ALREADY! And it's only 9:00! That I already have great things happening so early on a Tuesday is a great thing in and of itself.)


No! Let's NOT waste time pondering. Let's make a list.

You add some too.

We'll make us a huge GREAT THINGS ABOUT TODAY list together. How many things can we get on here by noon? By 3 PM? By dinnertime? I bet if all 475(ish) subscribers add ONE GREAT THING about today, we can start a movement! A GREAT THINGS ABOUT TODAY MOVEMENT. Y'all in?

Here are mine:

1. My friend Katie sent me an email today to ask for support in getting together Christmas gifts for 117 local kids. And I (we) have things we can give them. Responses started flying in the minute (almost) she sent out the email.

2. The sun is shining. And it is GORGEOUS out there, beaming away, like it doesn't have a care in the world. Like it has no idea how FRIGGIN' COLD IT IS. I adore how sun and shadow work together on freshly fallen snow. It appeals to my love for order and perfection. The lines of a suncast shadow on smooth white snow are amazingly crisp and perfect.

Photobucket3. The cookies I baked for the neighborhood cookie exchange came out beautifully. They still need their frosting, but I've NEVER had a batch of sugar cookies come out so well. I found a great new recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman (and a great new blog to read, too!). These cookies came out thick, crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, prefectly smooth and a pale, creamy color. Stacked in perfect silos in a cake-taker, they also appeal to my love for order and perfection, but in such a sweet and charming way.

4. It's Sanity Tuesday and I'm not hosting, which means I don't have to make lunch today AND I get to hang with my girls for a little while mid-day. And of all days, today is perfect for Sanity Tuesday.

5. Matthew has school today. And I should maybe miss him, but he's been cooped up in this house for DAYS because of the cold and the snow and DUDE! He needs to get out of here and AWAY FROM ME for a few hours. Desperately!

6. I have pictures and recipes to post from our neighborhood's progressive party last Saturday night, and even though I know y'all won't comment, I know you're going to love seeing them, and maybe you'll find a recipe or two you wanna try during the holiday season, and to know that I've helped out in some way or given somebody an exciting reason to get into the kitchen and have some fun? Well, that's all I can ask.

7. Yesterday was Al's and my SEVENTH anniversary. We have now officially both been married to one another longer than we were married to our first spouses, and for some reason, that makes us both very, very happy. I love being in love with that man!

And that's a good one to end upon! Y'all add yours!

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  1. Today, trough the initiative of my Hot Hubby, we are decorating our tree...during homeschooling hours, but it will get done and so will everything else. Even though it messes with my idea of the day's flow I'm excited because it was his idea!

  2. I'm loving: peppermint mocha coffee creamer, my baby cooing in his bed and warm woolly boots.

  3. I helped with the Christmas Store at school today and it was so sweet watching little kids pick presents for their families. I know some moms are just going to love the light-up bouncy balls their children picked for them. ;)

  4. We spent the mornings with New Friends. After such a big move and so much missing and loneliness, a morning with New Friends is a big deal :)

  5. I'm so happy that we have a car that starts in the cold, and a warm house to live in. Those are two basics that so many go without.

  6. I am fortunate to have a husband who has a great-paying job which allowed me to go out and purchase a few gifts for another family so they will have presents under their Christmas tree too.

  7. My list:

    1) My in-laws stopped in, and no one was angry or frustrated or sad when we parted ways.

    2) Boo had a doctor's appointment and she had us all (me, the doctor, the nurses) laughing pretty much the entire time.

    3) I finished wrapping presents this morning and I am officially all ready for Christmas.

    4) It is unseasonably (but not uncomfortably) warm in Maine right now.

    5) Your post made me feel less alone because I do that same exact thing to my kids (the crankiness and the not-so-apologetic apologies).

    6) Your post gave me a reason to make a list, which is one of my favorite things to do.

    7) My SIL called me today to tell me that I need to write her a print release. The lab she goes to refused to print the photos that I took of her kids because they said they looked too professional. :)

    8) I had an entire hour to myself, which pretty much never happens.

    9) The kids wrote their letters to Santa tonight, and #1 on Monkey's list was socks.

    10) There are lots of candy canes in the house. Never a bad thing. ;)

    Happy Anniversary! I was happy when I passed the 4-year mark with Kent for that same reason! Not that I was married to my ex, he was just my boyfriend, but it felt nice to finally be able to say that I had been with Kent longer than anyone else. :)

  8. Preemptive Snark! You are looking at the Queen of it here. (I shouldn't be proud of that. Not even a little bit.)

  9. I mailed all my Christmas presents today (eight boxes!) - YAY!!!!

  10. Just wanted to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and Al! I can totally imagine why it would make you happy to cross that line, and seven is a good number, ya know. On the seventh day, God said it was very good and he rested! Way to go to you two too! (Notice how I worked all three forms of to/two/too in there?)