Friday, February 5, 2010

Dibs on Bein' a Beta Tester!

So I was just scrubbin' my kitchen floor and thinkin' of the countless hours I've spent at that endeavor since I had the childdren and it got me to thinkin'. The FriedOkra gang spends a lot of time and covers a lot of territory wanderin' around in this kitchen all day, there should be a way to harness all that wasted energy and make it work for me! So what do y'all think of this:

Swiffer® Socks for the Whole Family

... an idea whose time has come?

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  1. I think you better patent this one!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! Sign Chez Wheedleton up as a beta tester, too!

  3. Best idea EVER! I would totally buy them and use them and give them as gifts. :)

  4. I always wanted to attach a swiffer to a onesie when my babies were still scooting everywhere on their bellies. You might get a little more use out of the socks. :-)

  5. Good Idea, get workin on that one ok?

  6. Hmmm. In my house, it's a law of nature that immediately after I scrub the floor, someone spills big glass of milk. I'm afraid if I had the Swiffer Socks, a spill would happen every hour!

  7. Yes, ma'am! Clean floors and socks I wouldn't have to wash...and then try to find the match for when I go to put them away.

    My sympathies on the Anonymous comments! I've been getting them, too...dang it.

  8. I almost bought these for you today!