Friday, October 30, 2009

Sunshine, come on back another day, I promise you I'll be singing ...

I got the sweetest email yesterday from Cheryl, a reader and friend, checking in on me. Got two other genuinely lovely (and funny!) little epistles last week and just Wednesday the sweet girls at Blogher Ads sent me a you-haven't-updated-in-two-weeks form letter that was worded so kindly and understandingly and thoughtfully that I actually WELLED UP a little when I read it.

It's been two weeks and a few days and I miss y'all. There's been a heck, AND I MEAN A HEY-UCK!, of a lot going on around here and I'm talking about BESIDES Peabody's NINE DAY tribulation, man-flu, wrastle-in-the-apparent-hideous-death-grip-of-roseola (I have never seen someone so little command such mastery of the art of MILKING THIS THING FOR ALL IT'S WORTH, people!) and our subsequent trip down to the Carolina coast for a family vacation, visit with my folks and the annual celebrations of Bean's nativity.

But I did not come to give you excuses. I came to tell you that despite all that and thanks to the grace of God we are all home safe and sound, still alive and kickin', just dealing with more STUFF, which I have come to discover is a condition that keeps me from wanting to blog. If I came and wrote in the thick of all the STUFF I'd just be moanin' and groanin' and whining and complaining and beeyotchin' and I'ma tell y'all right now? The internet? Just duddn any need more of that.

Sunshiney-ness is sorta my charter here on The Okra, and I've been less than sunshiney lately, hence the quietude.

I will be back this weekend with PITCHERS of some of the really GOOD STUFF we've been up to lately, until then, happy Friday and if you're into it, Happy Halloween, too!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Life, Through My Roseola-Colored Glasses

I am not kidding people: I threw a couple of handfuls of dry Cheerios on the rug in front of the TV this morning and watched the kids eat 'em, one by one.

Yep, there ya go! Breakfast!

It has been, to say the least, an interesting few days.

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