Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tis the Season to Ratchet Mama's Crazy Up Several Notches


This was probably my favorite shot of the kids from the little amateurish "session" we did one gloomy (weatherwise, not moodwise) afternoon last week. It won't be on the FriedOkra family holiday greeting card because it's all shadowy and weird, but I love how it captures each of the kids in such a perfectly Bean or Peabody way. Peabody looking wide-eyed and smiling with wonder and Bean grinning after saying something slightly profound and hilarious.

Two sweet, childish spirits captured by their nutty Mama who has every lamp in the house stuck and propped all around them so that they're practically blinded by the white-hot humming glow, twenty tangled extension cords running hither, thither and yon, candy canes and shatter-proof ornaments in all of her pockets and hanging off of her belt loops and a scary reindeer hat perched jauntily atop her disheveled head.

It occurred to me about halfway through, as I snapped away with lamps toppling and candy canes cracking and Peabody smiling a mouthful of ornament glitter: They are some mighty good sports, these children of mine.

Merry Week, y'all.

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  1. Yes, might good sports. I'm going to have to create another "session" as our time with the Jolly Old Man in Red was a bit traumatic. :o)
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. I sincerely fall in love with your kiddos every time you post a picture of them. Love the joy in their sweet faces!

  3. Love.

    I still need to take our family picture. Well, picture of kids. The grownups haven't been in the picture in years.

    While it may not be a perfect picture lighting-wise, your description shows that it is in fact a perfect snapshot of the moment with them. :)

  4. good sports indeed....and blessed just as much as you are. ♥

  5. They are something special - that's for sure! And when did Matthew get so big?

  6. I just love your family.

    Our Christmas cards feature a picture of our family taken at camp. On the front, we are smiling and (mostly) looking at the camera.

    On the inside, we are in the same post, but we are all making faces. :-) Just keeping it real.

  7. Loved the mental image of you and your crazy behind the camera. Nice verbage, friend. :-)

  8. Oh, it sounds like your shoot turned out so much better than ours! It was kind of fun though. Great outtakes.

    You are so right - such a precious of shot of who your kids are right now. Beautiful!

  9. Ca-yute!

    Sometimes the best shots are the ones that aren't perfectly posed, but perfectly convey the personalities of the people in them. I think you did that well!

  10. I was considering sending our picture of the tree complete with UNWRAPPED presents underneath it. ...Dated December 6th.

    Life with a toddler.... :)

  11. Cute! Can't wait to see the photo you DID use. ;)

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