Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Letter 2009

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family, all over the world. We love you and wish you the very best in the coming year.

The FriedOkra Family


Our letter from Santa this year ...

Merry Christmas to the FriedOkra Family!

Ho ho ho from the North Pole, which I left under a gentle blanket of snow. Not so here, though. Santa nearly slid off your icy roof tonight – it’s a good thing Rudolph and the gang all got new golf spikes for Christmas! I won’t dally around talking about the weather though as there’s so much to be said and so little time to say it all, for a man like me who only gets to share his thoughts with you once a year!

I climb down your chimney each Christmas, dear family, and the first thing I feel as I brush past your stockings and out into your home, is love. Ho ho hoooooo how much love there is here in this house. Santa feels the love of two parents for one another and their deep, deep love for the two (sometimes four!) precious children asleep upstairs. Santa knows this love comes from nowhere other than God himself, and thanks Him for blessing each of you with a heart full to brimming with love for one another. Watching you two children learn to love one another, really, really love one another, is the sweetest gift your parents will receive in their lifetimes. You are each a gift to the other, and to your parents. Blessed, blessed gifts.

Bean, you’re five now? My goodness child what have you done with the little baby in the “elf” costume from 4 years ago? Now you’re a Big Kid, a big kid who writes her own name, draws beautiful pictures, helps her mother and father, tells knock-knock jokes, and goes to school. I’m so proud of you, kid. You’re a light in this world – a bright, vivid spark of intelligence, wit and beauty. Know that you are special, that you are wonderful and smart and capable and that with practice and patience you’ll be able to follow your dreams and continue to delight God, your parents and yourself by becoming the person you’ve been created to be!

Peabody. My big boy! Are you walking? Huh? Are you walking around on those tiny little feet that last year this time stood awkwardly inside an exersaucer? Now you are a man about the house, getting into mischief and making your family laugh until they almost cry with your silly antics! You’re a treasure, my boy, from the top of your curly head to the bottoms of your enormous feet. Santa has loved watching you go from baby to toddler and can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Grow big and strong and learn lots this year, little one. The world awaits you!

Al, Santa never tires of watching how you live your life for this family. How you bear the responsibility of caring for and protecting them not as a cross but as a crown, you are proud and bold in your love for them and dedicated to giving them everything they need to be content, healthy and productive. Your studies finally behind you, take this year, dear man, to enjoy these people around you and allow them to care for you a bit. Their hearts want to please you just as yours does them!

Megan, slow down, sweet lady, and enjoy your children and husband. Your heart is so gentle and so loving – my one wish for you is that you would let it rest easy in the love your family has for you. You are surrounded with love – live in it, soak it up, and let it light your way every day. This love, these people, are all that truly matter.

Be well, love one another, and try to do good for someone else every day.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a VERY good night.

Santa S. Claus

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours Megan!

  2. Santa writes such wonderful letters to your family!
    Merry Christmas to the who Okra gang!

  3. That Santa is a very smart man. He knows your family very well too. Merry Christmas to the sweetest family ever living at the Okra Manor!

  4. Doggone-it. Santa makes me cry every year. Thanks for letting us peek into your world, and into your love-filled living room.

  5. Merry Christmas -- it's good to see the greatest gifts not be taken for granted!

  6. Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year hope you got everything in your next Christmas GOD BLESS YOU :)