Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're Gonna Make This Boy a Southerner Yet! (Also He Will Have Me to Thank for His First Heart Attack.)

My neighbor's kid is here eatin' again.

Yep, I mean Okwa Boy. Whom we here at FriedOkra Manor all call Bubba, much to his family's chagrin. But that is another story for another day.

Between Bubba, Bean and Peabody, they just polished off an entire can of Spam. Just the three of them! People, there's a LOT of Spam in a Spam-can.

Now at first, Bubba did do his parents proud by makin' all the appropriate sicky faces and gagging noises when he asked "What're we having?" and I laughed back, "Oh, it's your lucky day, dude! We're havin' Spam and taters!" (I'm already establishing the rep for bein' the slightly off-her-rocker Mom in the neighborhood, and you know what? If it was good enough for MY Mom? It's good enough for me.)

But when I insisted he at least TRY a bite of The Wonder Meat, OHMYGRANNY the look of sheer delight on that child's face!

I could tell we had us a SPAM convert halfway through the first chew.

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  1. Too funny! I was just the other day teasing a friend for his love of spam.


  2. Move over Kool Aid moms, Megan is onto something.

  3. I used to eat that when I was young, but haven't had it in years!
    I love the idea of the neighborhood thinking you are a little off!

  4. MMMMM....nothing like a fried Spam sandwich on white bread with butter...makin' me hungry here!!

  5. I'll have to admit -- we used to live right next to Spam Town USA, and I still couldn't bring myself to eat it. Spam is one of those love it or hate it things.

    (For the record, my Dad, who grew up on a farm in Kansas, loves it. To this day.)

    You know Spam is hugely popular in Hawaii, right?

  6. Spam is for Northerners too! We grew up eating cubed Spam in a macaroni casserole . . . *shudder*. Sorry to say, I'm not a fan.

    Maybe, instead of being a regional thing, it's actually more of a white trash thing?? (I say that with pride about my white trash roots.)

    What does "Spam" mean, anyway? Is it an acronym or something?

    -- Nancy

  7. I've often referred to spam as the mystery meat!! LOL My husband loves it.

  8. ummmm just can't hold out on sharing how to make this interesting sounding dish. SPILL!

  9. I haven't had SPAM since I was a kid! You know what else we had a lot of? Vienna sausages. But I must say, the little meat sticks the baby food companies make for toddlers now, give Vienna sausages a run for their money. (No, my kiddos are no longer toddlers. And yes, I still buy those meat sticks. For me...)

  10. You and I have already twittered enough about our love of Spam! However, you did get me thinking. Gremlin is sick with the "BAD" flu and is now starting to not eat for me. I'm thinking it's time to whip out the Spam. Hmmmmm....

  11. Hmmm...maybe I oughta try a can of potted "meat" with Little Scrawny over here. :o)
    I think my dad would tell you that my childhood diet of fried Spam and mustard on white bread significantly contributed to my intellect and delightful personality. :o)

  12. Oh I'm laughing...... thanks for that! From one Southern Chick to another......

  13. I'm quickly developing a soft spot for Okwa Boy!

  14. There's an ingredient that probably wouldn't make 'Iron Chef'. LOL

    We used to eat it some when I was growing up... fried... I could tolerate it if it was sliced thin and had a crust on the outside. Makes it almost sound like bacon!!!

  15. Come back little Sheba.

  16. My mama always fried it after breading it with cornmeal! We ate it up! I haven't had spam in YEARS but the "potted meat" comment reminds me of "deviled ham" which my pickiest eater just loves as much as I do!! (The Underwood brand with the little red devil on the label!)

    May have to buy some Spam now...LOL!