Monday, August 24, 2009

Hanging Up Summer

Bean, I asked, Can you look at the water for me?
(This child is just her father in puffy sleeves and daisy sandals.)

We trotted around town last Thursday with the camera, trying to capture some shots of the things we'll miss about the good old summertime out here on the prairie. Al and I say often, for these five months out of every year, Oh! So glorious! We will never-ever move away from here. Never.

And the other seven months we say nothing. Because our lips are frozen shut.

Feels like if I could find ways to remind us - I mean really, really stir in us the joy and the vitality and the warmth a prairie summer brings - all through those long, dark, cold winter days, maybe we'd stay in love with home a bit longer. So I've been out and bought some picture frames and now I'm working on a little photo trip across town (it's a short trip, y'all) under the brilliant sun, catching the colors and the life and the eye-music of this short but perfect season.

I'll hang these bright pictures, like love notes from a summer romance penned passionately to our winter selves, in the spots we'll cozy up into when the snow's waist high and the sky holds nothing but more and more, the white and gray above and the white and black below, the groan and shred of the wind the only reminders of movement and life outside our windows.

(Oh my law, I'm giving myself seasonal affective disorder just thinking about it. Sigh.)

Vivid sparks of summer's vibrant hues will dance on pale, ash-grey walls, images of hope and renewal to catch and tantalize our sleeping winter eyes.

OHMYGRANNY, I hope it works this year.

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  1. Hey- I havent stopped by in a while. The kids are getting so big. They are adorable.

    This summer was so cool, I dont even feel like we had a summer. But I like the Fall, so I cant complain too much.

    Hoep you are all doing well

  2. We have had such a beautiful summer this year - I hope we remember it when our winter drags in all its drizzly bleakness. Our winters aren't filled with snow & freezing cold down here in Nashville, but they are gray and wet and wet and gray and chilly and BLAH.

    But if we never had that winter...would we appreciate the spring?

  3. What a great idea! Our winters aren't so bad in Missouri, but I REALLY hated them in Ohio. I hope it helps get you through the frozen-lip stage. ;-)

  4. I was just saying yesterday how I'm ready for summer to end, but I know come January I'll be wishing for summer again. That's a great idea inspire us through the murky gray of winter.

  5. You are brave, brave to endure a midwest winter... I can NOT imagine... even northern Va is a bit too cold for me.

  6. tee hee - this is us, too, here in western NY, it snows from Nov. 1st to March 31st, and this year we're adding a newborn in December! So, yes, keeping these summer days in mind is always a must. :)

  7. oh, I just can't bear the idea of winter yet. I'll take 100 degrees over 30 any day.

    Good for you for capturing summer in all of its finery while it is here. That Bean - what a girl!

  8. Hi Megan,
    Seeing as how you were so kind as to respond to the comment I left you at 5M4P, I thought I'd visit you in your very own lair. Which was a mistake to do when it's so late and I really should be going to be bed, because I really want to sit here and read read read! Thanks for the blog-writing posts, BTW. They're making me search my soul. :-)
    Oh, and I love the look of your blog, esp. the header!
    Take care,

  9. I know how ya feel, but i atleast get to look forward to my baby boy #3 arriving in November! Guess i will have to put off losing all this baby weight til after the 1st lol.

    When i think about winter i try to not think about the cold and snow and focus on all the good food and fellowship that is right around the cornor. Who can resist the food, friends, and family that the holiday season brings hehe!

  10. I am a prairie girl for sure. Even raised in a little town called Prairie Village. True, true!

  11. Every time you post another picture of Bean, I fall a little more in love (even if it is the back of her precious curly head) Thanks for another beautiful post!

  12. We are the same way! I miss summer come February when the temp drops to negative a million. It is always a nice reminder.