Thursday, June 25, 2009

And She Decided the Feather Boa is Too Itchy, So I Get to Keep It! Woohooo!

So Bean attended a very LOVELY, very girly soiree today in honor of her friend Little Emma's 5th birthday. (We call her Little Emma because she's the younger of the two Emmas whose families we tend to hang out with the most. Guess what we call the other Emma? Right! Big Emma. We are all guessing she's not gonna like that nickname so much in a few years.)

Anyway, the party. It was a TEA PARTY and it was pure perfection, start to finish. Bean had such a great time and I loved observing her and all of the precious little girls dressed in their best (as requested on the adorable invitation, which had little tea bags on strings that you pulled out to find out all the details. Oh, y'all, they were the CUTEST THINGS!) Little Emma's Mama, Christy really pulled out all the stops, with tea party themed games, beautiful garden-party decorations (the ittybitty chairs were even all swathed in white plastic - no staining - tied with a pretty pink bow on the back) and fancy teapots and cups and saucers. Each little girl got a butterfly crown THAT LIGHTS UP to wear, and a bright feather boa and a million other wonderful treats. Tiny finger sandwiches even, y'all! Heaven on a fancy plate!

Truly sheer perfection.

How lucky was I to get to stay and see it all? And Peabody too, my handsome little Manny McMan! I really loved watching him when I dared put him down (he pulled two lovely Evel Knievel stunts almost immediately after we arrived, sending my heart directly, do not pass go, do not collect $200, up to my throat, the little booger!) If he so much as got one knee on the ground, he'd take off like a shot to the CENTER OF ALL THE PRETTY GIRLS, whereupon he'd look around like a starving man at the Golden Corral buffet for a bit and then scoot directly to his sister, who would pull him close to her, kiss his head and hold on tightly around his waist.

OHMYGRANNY, it makes me so happy to watch the two of them together, y'all!

As we rode to the party this morning, Bean asked, "Mama? Are you going to STAY at the party, too? Or am I staying with the girls by myself?"

"Well I plan to stay and help Christy if there's anything she needs me to do."


And then, "Mama?"

"Yes, Bean?"

"Can I tell you something?"

"Absolutely, babe."

"Listen, Mama. If you stay, I'm just going to want to play with you and then I won't get to play with the girls."


"I know! How 'bout if Peabody and I hang out with Christy, and you hang out with your friends, and you can just pretend I'm not even there, and then at the end of the party we'll go home together."

"Okay, Mama."

So that's basically what we did, although I was called into action a couple of times to help her string beads, hold her party game prizes (she racked up, and I feel guilty!) and throw things away for her.

At the end of the party we got into the car and as we drove away I asked her, "So, Bean, what did you think? Was that a fun party?"


And then.

"But where were YOU, Mama?"

"I was there. I thought it was lovely and I had a wonderful time."

"Oh, dat's funny. I don't remember seeing you there. The whole time I thought I was there by myself with all the girls."

I was puzzled at first but later as I nursed and rocked Peabody to sleep in his dark, tranquil room, I figured out what she meant, and smiled to myself.

I guess our little agreement worked out fine for both of us.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful party. My girls are really into tea parties right now...I need to have more with them! You were so smart to work our your little arrangement with Bean so she could play with her friends at the party.

  2. What fun! Did you take any pictures of those girls or the handsome Peabody?

  3. Your lovely post has me craving two things:

    1) Photos! Oh please please say there are photos?!

    2) Daughters! Or A daughter?! I soooo love the girly tea party scene! At least I have nieces though! :)

  4. Such a great time to be had! I love her little independence!

  5. loved this post. You always stir my emotions. your writing is inspiring.

  6. That Bean is so sweet. I can't wait to have my own baby (just a few more months!)(4). The tea party sounds lovely.