Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why I Can Never Seem to Stay Mad About the Muffin Top and The Back Fat for Long


(His shirt says Don't you just want to kiss me?)

(Mmmm-hmmmmm. And how!)

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  1. Yes I do - right on those cute little cheeks! And I just can't stop looking at those eyes!

  2. You sure make good looki' babies! :o)

  3. Your post titles always make me laugh.
    And he IS so very adorable!

  4. Makes it all worth it. Even the sleep deprivation. And the random stretch mark. And the potential for future heartache. Worth. every. little. bit.

  5. Oh my WORD, Megan. He's gorgeous.

    As my husband has been known to say to me (with a twinkle in his eye), "Honey, don't worry how you look. Next to our beautiful children, no one's looking at us anymore."

  6. Oh Megan, he's not a baby anymore, he's a little boy. Mmm nom nom nom.

  7. Well, I just read this over at Todded Dredge, and it's makin' me happy tonight (substitute back fat and muffin tops for old age and wrinkles, and you get the picture!):

    "But the truth is that grandmothers have always been sexy - to the husbands who have loved them for forty years, or to the single men longing to share their lives with a contemporary who understands their experiences, or to that old friend who’s had a crush on her for the last twenty or so. Grandmothers do not need to look thirty to be sexy to most grandfathers. Grandmothers only need to look thirty if they have crippled themselves into believing they must be prettily youthful to win an imagined laurel of worth."

    Thank you, Veronica. And thanks for reminding me of WHY I have the muffin top, Megan!
    Yeah, they are pretty worth it, even when the fat little cheeks are gone. :)

  8. That boy needs a billboard! Everyone should see that face. Totally makes my day!

  9. What a beautiful sentiment. I can't wait to hug my kids today and tell them, "You are so worth the back fat!" ;)

  10. He's so scrummy!!!! I don't know how you can stand it! :)

    And, I was just thinking as I looked (gazed!) at him: I really think his name suits him soooo well. He looks JUST like a Matthew. Even more so when you pronounce it Mafew ;) A perfect match!

  11. okay, he is way too cute. and thanks for putting things, or at least our muffin tops into perspective.

  12. How have you kept yourself from eating that child alive? It's ridiculous how extreme the adorability factor is here.

    Nate's Mom