Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shadow, This Blue-White Glow on the Snow Outside my Window. Clean and Smooth Like Line-Dried Linens. (But Colder, Obviously.)


Well, I guess I've sorta fallen off the face of the earth internet.

I'll be back. I'm just tryin' to get some householdish and child-rearin' things put back in order after six months of total, utter, unabating neglect.

It's high time, people. High time.

Oh, and I met Lisa from Take90West! Oh yes, I did. She and I shared a plate of homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and gabbed for ninety minutes straight without either of us takin' a breath (Well, I don't think I did. I was lightheaded and giddy when she left. Did you take a breath, Lisa?) right here at my kitchen table not five hours ago.

And she's delightful!


I just wanted to tell you that.

And now I have to go scrub a toilet.

(This post ended somewhat less poetically than it began, no?)

My Little Snugglebuddies.

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  1. Ahhhh the cuteness!!! They are both such GOOD LOOKING littlies! I just love their smiles. I have been looking forward to Bean-and-Peanut-hanging-out photos like this one since you were pregnant with him! :)

  2. It's so fun to meet another blogger in person. And lucky her got to meet the Bean and Peanut in person too!

  3. You are delightful as well Friend! Silly me for being a big ball of nerves.

    And that picture is awesome!

  4. Oh, they are just adorable. So yummy and squishable if that makes any sense! And they look so much alike.

  5. I cooed a little...yes I did! They are so stinkin adorable!

    Yeah for meeting bloggers! It is such a wonderful time.

  6. Your sweet kiddos are just way too cute! I need to catch up on house stuff too at some point. But it's just so unappealing when I can be reading blogs . . . haha :-)

  7. oooh aren't they looking more and more alike too! You wait till he starts school and everyone can just tell whose brother he is :)

    I love the first photo too, it's like a breath of icy fresh air to look at aaaaah!

  8. Such cuties- it's good to hear from you again! :) I remember at 6 months my life started to get 'normal-ish' again- that is, I began to think, "You know, I could survive this after all." :)

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  10. Those two are just precious!!!

  11. CUTE!


    Oh my word. It's amazing you ever get online to write anything with all that cuteness run amok.

  12. Such an adorable little twosome! :) They really are beautiful! ALmost as beautiful as mine! :) heehee